Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Keeping Kids Busy and Entertained

Kids of all ages get bored when they are not given some new or exciting activity to pursue. This is especially true for elementary school children. They do not have the means or knowledge to travel anywhere safely without a parent towing them along to an excursion.

keeping kids busy this summer

During the summer time the days are long and sometimes boring. There is no schoolwork that needs to be done or schedules to keep. It is so hard to find new ways of keeping kids busy this summer. Affordable day trips are a way to keep the kids entertained. One choice that the younger kids seem to like is a trip to the  local zoo. Several states have a few zoos that are inexpensive and entertaining. Search the internet to locate each zoo in your state, and then visit their website for more information. Choose to do a day trip to one or two zoos in your area over the summer. The kids will enjoy the antics of the animals, and might also learn something about them as well!

Another activity that you do with your kids is to take them to the local pool. It is much cheaper than a water park, and swim lessons are usually available, at a low cost or even free. Another idea to keep the kids busy is to take the bikes to the local state parks, many of them have bike trails in which the kids can explore. Make sure to take plenty of water, sunscreen, and wear the proper attire to eliminate the risk of sun stroke.

keeping kids busy this summer


Rainy day weather is perfect for a day of crafts or even a movie night! Slumber on the couch in the family room with a big bowl of popcorn! You can even pick up a inexpensive pair of 3D glasses and make it seem even more real!

These are just a few things that will keep your kids entertained and busy during the summer months and are easy on your pocketbook.  Do you have any tips for keeping your kids active and engaged?

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