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As a parent, I’m always looking out when my kids go outside to play, and touch different objects.  Germs are everywhere, and I want to be sure that my child is as safe as can be. My two year old has an immune deficiency so its really tough on us since he is sick all the time.  I try to keep him safe from all the nasty germs that I can.

It’s always nice to have an antibacterial hand wash on hand when we’re on the go, or even at home.  It’s always nice to find new products to try out and find new go-to items.  I reviewed SafeHands and SafeSquirts soothing alcohol free sanitizers.  They’re great for every day use.  The SafeHands is a foam based hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs on contact, while still leaving your hands smooth. They are a perfect size just to slip in the diaper bag.

safehands sanitizer

SafeHands began when Dr. Jay Reubens gathered a team of experts to make a new hand sanitizer that was safe non-toxic alternative to the other hand sanitizers on the market that are alcohol based.  His goal was not only to kill 99.99% of all germs on contact, but also the gel to preserve and moisturize your skin. He did a good job because this product really doesnt dry out your skin at all. In fact, I usually hate hand sanitizers because of the way your hands feel later, either sticky or dry.  They felt pretty normal after using the safeHands.

The SafeHands comes in Blue (Clean Linen), Green (Cucumber Mint), and Unscented.  Each can be purchased in 1.75, 7, or 18 fluid ounce bottles.  The prices are also great.  The SafeSquirts are available in Pink (Bubble Gum), Blue (Cool Blue), and Green (Tooty Fruity).  The green and pink varieties are available in 1.75 or 7 fluid ounce bottles, and the blue is also available in the 18 fluid ounce bottle.  My son loves all the different colors.  He begged me to give him the green one to take to school with him because he loves green.

Each bottle of SafeHands and SafeSquirts are Planet Friendly, and a great step to make in “greening” your life.  No alcohol to dry your skin out, and keeping you and your children from a ton of germs.

You can buy these products online, and are shipped internationally.  They would make a great gift for friends, or to keep in your purse for yourself and your children.

Do you use Hand Sanitizers?  Have you ever tried SafeHands or SafeSquirts?

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  1. Dr. Jay’s goal was to ensure that the product not only killed over 99.99% of germs – but that the foam helped soothe, nourish and preserve the natural oils in skin.

  2. I learned they're not toxic and hydrate your skin while also killing 99% of germs.

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