Homeowner’s Bible: 8 Tips for Pet-Proof Furniture

Homeowner’s Bible: 8 Tips for Pet-Proof Furniture


Anyone with a cat or dog will know that it can be a nightmare to keep the house clean.

Naughty pets can be destructive, especially to your furniture, so it is understandable why you may be apprehensive about buying a new sofa or a dining room table.

There are certain fabrics and materials that you should absolutely stay clear of, because they will get ruined at the paws of your furry friends.

If you want to save your pennies and avoid replacing the furnishing in just a couple of months’ time, you must take a great deal of care when choosing your household furnishings. Good quality furniture will cost you a fair bit of money, but it is a worthwhile investment.

Take care of your investments and don’t let your money go to waste with these 8 must-read tips.

  • Bare exposed wood is a no-no

Dogs love to chew wood and cats love to scratch it. It’s that simple. Try to avoid bare exposed wood but if you absolutely have to buy it, try using a polish that includes orange oil. Pets don’t tend to like the taste, or smell of it.

  • Leather is a bonus

Ask around and many furniture experts will tell you that leather is an ideal material. It has a smooth surface so it doesn’t seem to attract pet hair, and you will find that not many dogs or cats scratch it.

It is much easier to clean and maintain, and even if it does get scratched, it is quite easy to cover up with a leather repair solution.

  • Rough woven fabric is not ideal

Upholstery with a rough weave is not very ideal because it will catch pet hair, and make it really visible. What is more, it will be a hotspot for scratching and once your feline or canine has got their claws caught in the fabric, it will only result in a bad accident.

  • Stain-resistant can be a godsend

There will be certain fabrics that advertise themselves as stain and soil resistant. This is essential. The best way you can limit the damage to your furniture is to clean it regularly.

Flip your cushions and vacuum the couch weekly to get up any loose pet hair. This will help to keep the furniture clean, and maintain the appearance for longer.

  • Odour repellent is a solution

There are products and fabrics on the market that claim to be odour repellent. No-one likes sitting on a couch that smells of wet dog, so this is perfect for both parents and pet owners.

  • White-coloured furniture should be shunned

White furniture is very chic and stylish but it is not necessarily the best choice if you have kids or animals. Whether it is tomato ketchup, red wine or fur, white furnishings can be a dangerous design choice. If your home is prone to accidents, stick to dark-coloured materials.

  • Micro fibre is ideal

This is also a great material because like leather, it is quite easy to maintain because it is smooth and soft. Most spills simply wipe off, and there are no knots or loops in the material for pets to get their claws caught in.

  • Covers are worth buying

If you are going to be away from your house for quite a few hours, you may want to invest in some covers or sheets to cover your furniture. These are ideal if you are leaving your pets for an extensive period of time, unsupervised.

What can we gain from all of these tips? Whether you are buying sofas, chairs, beds or tables, the furniture needs to be durable and practical. If you have a pooch or moggy residing in your home, pet proof your home to keep your furniture intact.

But remember- no matter how much you try, your home furnishings will incur some sort of damage over time. It would be a miracle to keep your sofa and chairs looking brand new forever, be realistic!

This article was written by Lauren Grice on behalf of AHF, the go-to store for all your home furnishings. Visit AHF.co.uk today to kit out your home in style.


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  1. Something I keep in several rooms is those lint rollers (the kind that have the tape that you peel off when its full)–they are great for picking up hair. Your ideas are right on the mark for pet-filled homes!
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