Chivalry and Malevolence Excerpt & Book Tour

Chivalry and Malevolence

When the Unseelie Court sentences an innocent man to death, the elven Princess Morgana cannot sit idly by as the human Knight perishes. The Queen calls her pathetic and worthless. It does not change how Mori feels about the old laws of Alfheim. These rules punish the faultless, lesser races of the Nine Realms of Odin.

Of the nine, this realm of the Light is home to many mythical creatures. The portal gates remain forever closed to the human race. However, neglected for centuries, a Knight from the realm of Earth enters the Light. Holding onto his faith and code of honor, he holds stoically in the face of capture and death. Princess Mori remains his only hope, but to save him, she must first save herself.

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Chivalry and Malevolence


My shoulders fell forward a bit. If mother had borne witness to my behavior, she would have corrected me quickly. That I would never miss, yet I knew the marriage would not cease my punishments. A Princess is expected to act a certain way. No indiscretions allowed. There would never be a chance of love in my future. How could I love a man that held consorts? How could he love me if I could not give him what he needed: an heir.

“We should have a plan. It will take time to reach the Seelie Court, perhaps too long. I could always ask Prince Drust for help,” the man said nothing in return. The silence added to the nervousness I felt.

“I do not possess the power to send you home, milord-“ The man slid down from his horse.

“Please, call me Thomas.” We stood face to face with only inches apart. I found myself drawn to his heavy lidded gaze. His eyes were unlike any of my kind. Speckles of blue, grey and green danced in them. They held wisdom, pain and emotions I had never known another to suffer.

“Thomas,” I repeated slowly, and a grin spread across his face. The rough and gruff exterior melted, giving way to a fine man.

“Aye, milady, very good, and you are the Princess Morgana.” He still held my hand, and brought it to his lips. Thank goodness, my face remained veiled to hide the reddening of my cheeks.

“It is only fair, Thomas that you call me Morgana, or Mori. I am not your noble, and we are far from your home.” He raised an eyebrow, and appeared deep in thought over my askance. I felt his eyes rake over me, as if drinking me whole.

For the first time I felt uneasy, my cheeks burning hot beneath the silk covering my face. Deep down I knew I was not the type of prize one sought. Damaged, burned, and easily discarded was the Princess Mori.

Turning to walk toward the water, Thomas grasped my arm. Elves are quick, and I easily escaped his grasp. I am sure he merely meant to thank me. There was no use in filling my head with silly notions of love or fairytales. One look at me, the real me, would send any gentleman running for the hills.

“Pri, err Morgana, what are you?” Thomas asked softly.

“I am an elf of the Unseelie Court.”

“An elf …”

“Cousin to the Faerie and Dwarf, we are no relation to the draconic race; though they too reside here along with other creatures. They do tend to keep to themselves.”

“Of course.”

“Hard to wrap your mind around?” She knew it had to be difficult. Thomas had spent his life not knowing of the realms, of magic, or even the many races. To be thrown into a world, captured, and come but mere hours from death …

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