Get Moving with Just Dance 2017 from Ubisoft

Ubisoft has done it again! The Just Dance titles have long been popular for players of all ages, and Just Dance 2017 is no exception to the rule! My kids and I have played almost every edition and they just continue to make it better. The game features more than 40 songs for players to dance to, and six different modes to keep your dancers on their toes! I start out with the easiest songs because I am old and need to work my way up.

Players gain points by doing the correct dance moves at the right time. The better your rhythm, the better your score! Don’t worry if you can’t dance, there are plenty of on-screen directions that will show you how to do the moves, and keep you on time. As you gain skill, you can use the more advanced modes, so you stay challenged! Honestly if I can do well then anyone can because I am so uncoordinated. It is actually pretty sad how much better my kids do than me. I think my cat was ‘recognized’ once and it had a better score. But with the instructions and moves you can get better. I know I did and I totally rock at it now. And now you can make your phone be the controller which is very cool to me. I like how excited my kids get to laugh at me trying to dance.

The songs they picked for Just Dance 2017 are awesome! They include a lot of the hit songs you will hear on your favorite pop radio stations. Hits like, “I’m So Into You”, “Sorry”, and “Don’t Wanna Know” are all included. There’s also some classic songs too, featuring artists like Queen! Ubisoft called it their, “most diverse tracklist to date.” We agree! It’s a great playlist for all ages, and keeps things fun and interesting! It is not all teeny bopper music as my dad puts it.
If you’re on the fence about getting Just Dance 2017, make the leap! It’s another hit from Ubisoft, and will keep your family up and moving for hours at a time! This is one title your kids won’t get tired of after just a few times of playing. It is a workout and its fun at the same time. It is not just for kids, go get up and dance!

Author: Kat

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