Having Fun with our Massbricks Review

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My three year old’s new favorite word is ‘hastle’.  That is castle with a h in case you werent sure. He loves building things.  Luckily we are a family of builders. My older son will patiently sit with him and build domino towers and then crash them down! He thinks he is hilarious.  We were sent a 31 piece set of Massbricks recently and my boys are in love.  These blocks were supposed to be for my younger son but my 11 year old wants them.  Even my 5 year old cousin (pictured below) wanted to take them home with him.

massbricks4The blocks are large which makes them suitable for children 12 months and up. They are made of  durable, lightweight poly-propylene. I like the fact that they have curved edges for small hands.  My son has literally spent hours crafting things with his new life sized blocks. They are brightly colored so small children will like them and they come in several different sizes to make all types of creations. They have several different sets of bricks incuding the 31 piece set I received, 40 piece set with small roofs, 40 piece set, 48 piece set, 86 piece set and a 126 piece set.  Each box comes with a guide to different designs you can make with the blocks.  My husband made a crane with ours.


This is my son’s ‘hastle’. He worked very hard on that.  He had to have the right amount of orange vs reds. He also loves the odd shaped pieces so that he can make them into faces.  I like how light weight the life sized bricks are.  He can fly Captain America around on his ‘jet’ whenever he wants. They are ok to use outdoors as well.



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You can buy Massbricks on their website and right now they are offering a great discount code for my blog readers!  Just enter kidslovemassbricks2013 at check out for 40 percent off your order!

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