Fun Gardening Activities With Kids

Kids love to play with mud and soil and nothing would be more enjoyable for them than to spend some time in the garden, enjoying some interesting activities with their parents. These gardening activities will bring them closer to nature and help them learn to love and respect it. It is fun to teach your kid about plants, seeds, flowers and teach them valuable lessons at the same time. Even toddlers show interest in what you are doing in the garden. You can enjoy these activities with preschool kids, school going children or even older children.


Help them grow salads

Even if your child is not fond of eating greens and those salad leaves, he won’t mind growing them. Ask him to dig up a small patch in a corner of the garden. Choose a partly shaded spot. Lettuce is the perfect salad to grow and you can get their seeds easily. Harvest fresh salad leaves with your kid and he will love eating them for dinner.


Making a root view box

Your kids will be amazed to learn that a plant not only grows upward but downwards too! This is a great discovery for them. Engage them in this interesting activity. Take seeds of vegetables and help them to plant in a box with one side covered with clear acrylic only. Soon those seeds sprout and they can see the upper plant as well as the roots growing under the surface, from the side covered with clear acrylic.

Grow a garden in a box

Take empty wooden crates and let your kids take one. Label them with the child’s name and ask them to place newspaper at the base. Top it with compost and garden soil. Ask the child if he wants to grow a flower or a vegetable garden in the box. You can help them grow some pretty flowers or they can easily grow radishes, carrots, lettuce or bush tomatoes in the box. They should take care of their box garden and water it regularly. Soon they will have a little miniature garden of their own.

These gardening activities for kids are not only fun but also help them develop some new skills like reasoning and discovery as well as understanding the process of nature. Besides being fun and productive, these activities involve teamwork and play activity. They love caring for and tending those plants and develop a love and respect for nature. These habits will stay with them lifelong.


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