Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze- exclusive offer for Sam’s Club members, plus a DIY tutorial! #YouGottaBeKittenMe

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As a cat owner, it’s incredibly important that my cats are happy and comfortable, and that my family is happy and comfortable. Of course, they spend about 90% of their time putting their faces on my face, so that means they are happy and maybe I’m not as thrilled with the arrangement. But you know how it is with cats- when they decide it’s time for cuddles, you have to cuddle. Even if you’re reading. Or sleeping. Or eating. Or anytime really. One of my cats even stretches himself really long and puts his paws on side and leg while I am cooking. Like he can’t bear to be away from me for twenty minutes while I feed my human kids. While I might compromise on my happiness when it comes to face-smushing time, I really won’t compromise on pet odor in my house. So when it comes to picking a litter, I want something that my cats will use and be happy with, but also something with a high level of odor control and a low level of mess.


Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze really meets my needs, and the needs of my cats. It has a Borate Technology for superior ammonia control, and has an anti microbial agent that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria- it’s really effective! With two cats, I really need to make sure my house isn’t taken over by pet-smell and Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze really does the trick. It also has a great Lemongrass/Citrus scent that keeps the litter area smelling fresh and clean! Plus most people don’t know that it can deodorize more than your litter box! A small container in a fridge, closet, old shoes, or bottom of trashcans absorbs odors and leaves your house smelling fresh. You can check out the hashtag #YouGottaBeKittenMe for more tips and tricks on creative uses for litter.


Available exclusively at Sam’s Club, Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze comes in a convenient 42 pound bag that’s resealable and easy to move. It is also easy to pour which is always a plus to me since the cats are winding around my legs the whole time I am changing their litter. The Sam’s Club May Instant Savings Book has a $3.50 off offer from May 11th-June 5th, which will be already loaded to each members’ card as well! I love those pre-loaded coupons because I always seem to forget my little book at home. And check the package for information on a money-back guarantee on this product! You can check your local Sam’s Club for more information, and you can also follow along on social media at Fresh Step FacebookSam’s Club Facebook or by following them on Twitter: @freshsteplitter & @SamsClub. This campaign also gave me an extra $100 to donate to the animal charity of my choice. I chose Have a Heart Animal Rescue because they rely solely on donations and I have seen the power of their work in my hometown.

Since I’ve got the littler area smelling so fresh and lovely with Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze, I decided to spruce it up a little with an easy and inexpensive litter mat that I made myself from a yoga mat and a little know how! It does an amazing job of holding onto litter around the litter box, and that makes cleaning up after my little fuzzy feline friends so much easier! Check out my super easy step-by-step tutorial to see how I did it!

All you need is an old yoga mat. It can be tattered and beaten up. Or you can go to a thrift store and get one really cheap. Since I am already using my old ones for my cats and I wanted to show how to do this tutorial, I went to a store that sells everything $5 or below and bought a new one. Because of the grooves in the yoga mat when your cats step out of the box or spill litter over the sides, the grooves will hold onto the excess litter. It wont go all over the floor.


Just take your litter box and sit it on the yoga mat. Make a mark about 4 inches to each side of the box. That will give it some extra room in case your cats are like mine and run at top speed from the litter box as soon as they do their business. I guess they do not want anyone to know that they had been the one using it.

Cut along your mark. It does not have to be perfect since we all know what you are using this for. You can easily use one yoga mat for two litter mats.

Viola! You have a litter mat. Place under the litter box and watch the magic happen.


When its time to change the litter out you can easily pick up the yoga mat and shake it over a trash bag. Its light and will roll up so you do not drop litter everywhere.

What are some creative uses that you have for litter? Be sure to tell me in the comments!


Author: Amy

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  1. I never realized there were so many uses for cat litter. I need to buy some too for odor control and to make dried flowers! #client

  2. That’s a good idea for the yoga mat as a mat for the litter box. Way easier to clean than the cat litter mats with the grooves in it.

  3. Isn”t Febreeze seriously the best?! I don’t have a cat, but I have Febreeze on hand at all times!

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