Five Reasons You Should Consider Camping for Summer Vacation

Five Reasons You Should Consider Camping for Summer Vacation

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Camping used to be the most popular thing going years ago. Now that we are literally plugged in to society everywhere we go, people scoff at the idea of climbing into a tent and spending time with the family. Friends, you don’t know what you are missing. My mom takes our kids camping every other weekend during the summer and fall.  Here are five good reasons you should consider camping for your next summer vacation.


Modern campgrounds


These days, you don’t have to pop a tent in the middle of the woods to go camping. You can get campsites with all the latest conveniences including electricity and running water. Today, campgrounds even have live entertainment, swimming pools and game rooms. You can get everything you may want.


Plugged out time


Although we find our laptops and phones to be vital, camping can allow us to escape all of that and start to remember what it was like to talk with one another. This is especially true of families.


Natures serenity


Yes, there are bugs and various other critters in the woods. But there are also gentle winds, crickets singing and plenty of fresh air. Nothing beats the woods for ambiance.


Teamwork building


Nothing brings a family closer than popping a tent up and sleeping in it. It demands that you work together and so does most everything else you do in the woods. Building a fire, cleaning your dishes and even catching your food if you feel the need can be excellent team builders. Camping with kids allows you to teach them to take responsibility for their ‘job’ while you are there. Maybe they are the stake holder or maybe they are the person who sweeps the ground before you put the tent up. I guarantee they will jump into their ‘job’ role with exuberance.


It rarely costs a dime


Even if you decide to spend big and rent a camping spot on a commercial campground, the cost is going to be way cheaper than you are used to on summer vacation. Saving money is always a good motivator, right? Especially when you are camping with kids since they always manage to get all the money during summer vacations. I swear I spend more on my children when we go places than I do paying for gas or places to stay.


Consider these great reasons when you are planning that next family vacation. You might be surprised at just how much fun it is. Do you like to camp? Tell me about a good (or bad) experience you have had!

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