Finger Food Ideas for Sensory Tables for Toddlers

Finger Food Ideas for Sensory Tables for Toddlers

Sensory tables are a great way to help your little ones explore new things and food adds excitement to the activity. At this age kids love exploring new foods and aren’t picky eaters as they haven’t developed their need for independence nor have they had a lot of experience with food choices. It’s a great time to introduce new foods and luck will have it that they are less likely to resist new foods given to them at this age. Introducing healthy foods now will plant the seeds of good eating habits.

A good sensory food table should contain items that are sticky, slippery, gooey, bumpy and heavy. Sensory activities provide children a great avenue for learning. Children learn best by performing an activity hands on with limited interaction by adults, because of this there really is no better way to learn then side by side with their peers. Here are just a few examples of things to include in a sensory table that will provide hours of uninterrupted fun and exploration.


Jell-O is wiggly, comes in different colors and it’s easy to eat. It is a great sensory item because it meets all of the sensory elements mentioned above. Jell-O is high in sugar so you definitely want to limit how much you leave on the table.

Raisins are sticky and bumpy plus they are small so it gives an added bonus of helping tots learn fine motor skills. Celery filled with low sugar jam topped with raisins serves as a great sensory “snack time” table.


Cheese is heavy and provides an added bonus of calcium. I haven’t met a toddler that doesn’t like cheese. Add plastic knives to the sensory table and a semi soft cheese for toddlers to practice their cutting skills. The cutting alone will keep toddlers busy for a long time, they love cutting things.


Broccoli is bumpy, heavy and it looks like miniature trees. Broccoli is a great item children should be eating, it has wonderful health benefits included being high in fiber, protein, Vitamin C and A.

Whole wheat bread is soft, squishy and when dipped in milk is gooey and sticky. Whole wheat products have much more nutrition then their white flour and will keep little ones fuller longer.

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