Family Fun Night with the Avengers #MarvelAvengersWMT

I love the Avengers. Like seriously, I badgered everyone I have ever met about seeing the movie till they went and admitted that it was beyond awesome. I have seen it several times now and will be buying it when it comes out on DVD tomorrow, Sept 25th.  I am a huge comic book fan and Avengers was always my favorite. I liked the old cartoon as well. I watched some episodes the other day and they are still amazing.  I mean Marvel has been around forever and they are still coming out with amazing things.  Did you know that you can follow Marvel on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest on the Avengers’ activities? You should! We decided to throw another amazing Avengers party for our Family Fun Night this weekend.

I was sent a very awesome  Avengers Walmart Exclusive Graphic Novel. Its a custom edition Avengers Season One. I honestly I have no idea what I did with the rest of the mail that day because I dropped it somewhere and started reading! I think it is very cool that when the Avengers comes out on DVD and Blu-ray, Walmart will have a Combo pack of the Blu-ray, DVD, and the Graphic Novel.  I think I may buy two of my friends the Combo pack just so they can be as awesome as I am for having the graphic novel.

avengers app

I downloaded the super awesome Avengers Superhero AR app for my shopping trip to Walmart. I was just trying to get some household staples. It is so easy to use and download. You can take a quiz to see which Avengers character you are. You can also unlock certain characters by accessing different places in Walmart and checking in with the app.

Look for the trigger spots in the following places:

  • Shopping Cart Rail Signage (at store entrance)
  • Sensor Shrouds (advertisements on security sensors at store entrance)
  • Pallet Train Display (Hasbro/Marvel/DVD/Mad Engine)
  • Toy Trend Pod
  • New Release End Cap (5D HVE/NR)
  • Content Pallet (Blu-Ray/DVD Pallets or Blu-Ray/DVD Extravaganza)
  • Costume Pallet (D18 Disguise ½ Pallet)
  • Content Stickers
  • Apparel (4 Way Signage)
  • MarketSide Pizza at Walmart Deli

avengers family fun

The first display I saw was at the Market Fresh pizza. I just opened the app on my phone and it scanned over the display and brought up new questions for my Which Avenger are You quiz. I noticed they had some awesome Avengers pizza there as well. I was sad that the Hulk pizza was sold out because it was the Supreme pizza. Captain America was the Pepperoni and Thor the Ultimate Meat. Those were the only ones I saw but I assume there was a Iron Man one as well because there was a space for it on the shelf.  It obviously must be a popular one.

avengers family fun

Here is what the questions look like when they come up. I felt like a kid searching around the store for the displays. I found another in the costume part of the Halloween section. I found a big display in the middle of the store in front of the photo counter and one in the toys.  It was so easy to unlock characters and to find out which Avenger I am. BTW, I am Thor. Which I am perfectly ok with since I LOVE him.

photo 3

After I picked up a couple of pizzas (my boys can eat), I went to the Party section to get some goodies for our Family Fun Night. I noticed they had some awesome plastic cups on a display right outside the party section. A Walmart employee was restocking it at the time but I still managed to get a Marvel Avengers cup with the team on it, a Black Widow, a Thor, an Iron Man, and a Captain America cup.  There were no Hulk cups. I am going back to see if I can find one tomorrow. They also have baby Avengers cups which I want but they were busy restocking so I didn’t want to be reaching in their boxes or anything. I found some Avengers plates which were cute. I also got some stuff for goodie bags for my kids, my nieces, my nephew, and myself like Avengers masks and a party kit full of goodie bag stuff.

avengers party

I knew our Avengers party was going to be a success but I was worried about what to get the kids to do. I couldn’t just hand them a plate of pizza and a goodie bag and call it a night. So I decided to let them make Avengers cupcakes and decorate them. I made star sugar cookies to put on top of the cupcakes.  Here is my niece and son decorating their cupcakes.

avengers family fun

We also broke out the masks and ran around the house. I was Loki (my favorite character, he is the best villain) and I let the kids chase me and be the Avengers. Even Baby E got into even though he didn’t quite understand.


Baby E was happy until we put the masks on him.  He loved the pizza. The pepperonis on the Captain America pizza were huge and he ate them off everyone’s plate.  He loved the goodie bags and all the cupcakes. However, he did not want to be Hulk. He kept taking it off and just looking through the eye holes.  He liked the Iron Man though. He even tried to do a thumbs up like his brother.


You can check out my shopping trip and more pictures of the app at work in my Google + album. Plus you can see more pictures of our awesome Avengers Family Fun Night Party!

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    1. Its Alex Ross’ little dlitaes that get me. Look right in front of Iron Man, you’ll see a tiny Wasp, and the thing in the background looks to be Ant-Man’s mask while he’s in Giant Mode. Those little subtleties are what makes Alex a great artist. I highly recommend picking up the book Mythology: The Art of Alex Ross, if you haven’t done so already. Even if you’re not an aspiring artist, its still a great coffee table book.

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