FabKids Exclusive Clothing Line Perfect for Birthday Fun!


This month for my FabKids outfit choice, I decided to choose clothes for Moriah. Her birthday was coming up, and I needed something super cute for her to wear to her birthday celebration! It’s not every day you celebrate your 2nd birthday! I have used FabKids many times for Elijah and I wanted  this one to be special for my only girl. She was excited for her fairy princess birthday party.

FabKids is a fantastic clothing subscription service. All their clothes are especially designed to be cute, durable, super fashionable and classically trendy. Their pieces coordinate beautifully, making them perfect for picture days and special occasions, but they are durable enough to be worn every day. It’s really easy to sign up, and this month FabKids is offering a Buy One Outfit, Get One Free special to new VIP members! And the same goes for their adorable summer shoes- buy one pair, get the second free! And shipping is free, too- there’s never been a better time to sign up for VIP service!


I got Moriah the SUMMERTIME Party Outfit with the Striped Skater Dress and Fab Soft Legging. I was really impressed (as usual!) with the quality of the clothing and how bright and vibrant the colors were. The Fab Soft Leggings are indeed quite soft, and were perfect to go under the dresses to allow Moriah to play and romp without fear of an accidental wardrobe malfunction if that is possible for 2 year olds. She is quite fond of showing people her belly button lately.

I know from experience that these clothes hold up well- we have several outfits from FabKids that have seen some heavy use from Elijah over the winter and fall. I’ve never had any troubles with fading or getting stains out- you know how little kids can be tough on their clothes!


Moriah wore her pretty new outfit for her birthday party from the beginning through the cake and beyond. Everyone loved it. It went great with her flower fairy crown. I was really happy with how good the outfit looked in those oh-so-important birthday pictures, too! She got a new crown, a blue tutu, and lots of jewelry for her party and immediately put it all on.

If you want to take advantage of FabKids’ amazing BOGO deals this month for new VIP members, just go to FabKids and sign up! You can choose to shop *or* skip each month- just let them know by the 5th of the month whether you’ll be shopping, or whether you want to skip this month, and that’s all you need to do! And you can cancel at any time with a quick call to their amazing customer service line. To find out more about Fabkids, you can check them out on their social media pages.  Follow them on Twitter  and Facebook

I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

Author: Kat

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