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I have a soft spot for most villains. I really can’t help rooting for the bad guy in movies. They usually get better back stories and great cliche lines that everyone quotes for eternity. The upcoming Ant-Man movie (see it TOMORROW July 17th!) has a great villain. And he is an actor I really like so it was pretty cool to be able to interview Corey Stoll for his role as Darren Cross – Yellowjacket in Ant-Man.  Like most of the people we interviewed he immediately started playing with the toys The Rock Father had left towards the front.


Darren Cross is a new Marvel villain and Corey Stoll plays his heart out. Even Michael Douglas said that his favorite person to work with was Corey Stoll because of the depth he brought to the character.  You can check out the rest of what Michael Douglas said in my EXCLUSIVE Michael Douglas Ant-Man Interview post.

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I already loved Corey Stoll because he was Hemingway in Midnight in Paris. If you can play Hemingway then you can play anything in my book. He was also in Bourne Legacy and I LOVE the Bourne movies. Like I already mentioned, he is very awesome as Darren Cross. I know he hasnt played a ton of villains but when I look at Corey Stoll, I see a villain.

Corey Stoll – My first day of shooting was sort of a microcosm of what the whole shoot would be, where in the morning was all Motion Capture, totally abstract, just stunts. It was like being in a silent film where you run this way and then duck and then pick up a toy train and throw it, and it was just pure play. So that was really fun, and then the afternoon was a very quiet scene with Michael Douglas where I show up at his house unannounced, and it’s our really most sort of intense scene.

And it was just such a great way to start because there are these two extremes of what this role would be. It was fun. I wanted to make sure this character is scary, but I also loved how what a loser he was. He’s the least cool guy in the world, but he wants to be Tony Stark. He wants to be the coolest guy in the world.

He’s puffing himself up with these Tom Ford suits and driving an Aston Martin. And so he puffs himself up, but he knows that he’s not that guy. And that’s the irony: he’s trying to puff himself up in the end to impress this father figure, and it’s exactly the opposite of what the father figure wants. I think the script was really smart about giving very real, playable motivation.



He is just so different in person than his character. He was laughing and joking. He had a smile on his face the whole time. All of us were just chatting with him like he was a normal guy on the street instead of Marvel’s newest villain.  He said he loved comic books growing up and his favorite comic book character was a surprise to me.

Corey Stoll – You know, he really bounced around but I would definitely say this about Spiderman.  He was just the guy that I think that as a High School Student that you could identify with the most.  And also just the New Yorkness.  I liked Batman and Superman but they were all in these sort of fictional Cities and Spiderman was New York.  You know, as a kid from Queens, the idea that fantasy of being able to swing through the buildings that I see every day was really cool.


He was very humbled by the fact that he got his own suit except that it was CGI. I can’t wait for everyone to see the movie so they can see how awesome he looks in the Yellowjacket suit in the movie. He said he felt like a Power Ranger when they tried an actual suit.

Corey Stoll – I did two separate trips down to Atlanta just to try on different versions of the suit and it just never looked right.  And I remember the first time I tried it on, everybody was trying to convince themselves that it looked cool.  Yeah, yeah, it’s gonna be great, just a little CGI over there and you know, it looked great.  And I just felt like a Power Ranger.  So and luckily, smarter heads prevailed and they just did it off CGI. I think it’s awesome. I’m so excited the way it works.  And you know, I was there, I know I wasn’t wearing something but you look at it, it really looks real.  It’s really amazing.


I mean if you aren’t already thinking of seeing Ant-Man, just having Corey Stoll be the villain should be what drives you over.  We asked him if there was anything good in his character and he was really adamant that there was. All the best villains have great backstories like I said earlier. Not many people can say they are evil for evil’s sake.

Corey Stoll – Yeah. There’s something that really didn’t end up in the Film but when he’s first selling the Yellow Jacket and this technology, we sort of brainstormed about what would be beneficial applications of this technology and you realize that this actually  could save the world.  You know, there’s so many things you could do. You could get a shipping container down to the side of a Volkswagen Bug and shipping costs would be like nothing.

And then the Carbon emissions would become smaller, or you could maybe like shrink smoke as it comes out of a Coal powered Planet or you could surgeon down to go and do Micro-Surgery.  It really is like this incredibly Utopian thing.  And I think there is that element in Darrin that’s like he wants to change the world for the better. It’s just that this Military Application happens to be the most lucrative. 

And he just made the wrong choice.  But also having Michael Douglas be the person playing the Father figure, that was very easy to sort of identify with wanting to get this approval.  But as a youngish Actor I would like his approval.


Corey Stoll took a great shot with us all together. He was just such a happy, smiling guy. I love him. He was great and he is a wonderful villain. He says if there is anyway he can come back then he wants to. And in comics, most people get to come back so I hope he can.

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  1. The best moments in Ant-man involve humor. A sluggish first-act is more than made up for in the 2nd & 3rd act. Ant-Man is a surprisingly entertaining edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  2. this would be so cool to have the opportunity to talk to such a cool person. Great interview and with the pictures you helped us experience it with you thanks

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