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Last month when I was in LA for the #AntManEvent I also got to spend the day at Disney Studios. That in itself was pretty amazing but one of the coolest things I have seen is a ‘run-through’ of the new show Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.  It was so intense yet fun watching what goes on behind the scenes of a show. Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything” – will air Wednesday, July 22 (9:30 PM – 10:00 PM ET/PT), on Disney XD.

“Cool and charismatic Conor gains notoriety as “KidFury,” a professional video game player, but he suffers a devastating thumb injury that forces him out of the glamourous pro gaming world. After years of being tutored on the international pro circuit, he begins high school for the first time and meets three fellow gamers – Franklin, Wendell and Ashley. They team up to form the first-ever gaming league at their school, and together they learn that building lasting friendships in the real world is more important than accumulating high scores in the digital one.”

It stars Cameron Boyce from Disney Channel’s “Jessie” who is a 15-year-old video game-playing phenomenon who enrolls in public high school for the first time. We got to watch a little bit of the show but I can’t wait to see a full episode! Cameron Boyce is very funny even though he says he is not a huge gamer in real life. He likes basketball and Madden games.
We got to interview Cameron Boyce (Conor) as well as the rest of the cast, Murray Wyatt Rundus (“Wendell”), Felix Avitia (“Franklin”), and Sophie Reynolds (“Ashley”). Thursday and Friday are their run through days, which was what we saw on the Friday we were there.  Then they have the weekend off and they shoot the rest of the days. A run through is basically what they are going to be shooting. So its like a practice but they have to run from one part of the show to another.
As a gamer girl I thought I would identify with Ashley the most but she is trying to pretend to be a sports girl who hangs with guys. She says that she isn’t much of a gamer herself in real life. She says she plays a few video games but its mostly her brother that plays.
Then there is Murray Wyatt Rundus who plays Wendall who is also one of Conor’s friends. He told us that he has been gaming since he was 7. He loves to game in real life. He says gaming is all he does. He plays a very cocky character in the show. He is very full of himself and he thinks he can tackle what ever comes his way.
Felix Avitia is about your typical nerd in the show. He dresses well (according to him) and he always has a tie on and his shirts pressed. He follows the Conor around because he is his biggest fan and wants to be just like him. He told us during the interview that “I love to play games on console, console games, which is like PS3, PS4, XBOX. I love the advanced warfare like Call of Duty. I love the FPSs, which are first person shooters. I also love racing games and sports, too. I can pretty much play everything and anything.”

We got to see a show run through of Episode 8 which was very awesome and very spooky. They ran from one ‘room’ to another and did the scene and then ran again. I was out of breath but these young actors were totally used to it. I like the fact that they have actual gamers helping to write this show.  “On the staff of writers, we have two very hardcore gamers, who know that world like the back of their hand. Everyone else, we’ve had to educate ourselves. There are games all over the second floor of this building, and there are big consoles, it’s all over the room in the writers’ room. So, you know, what we write is right in front of us. If we have questions, we go to our hardcore gamers and they supply the answers.”
I just can’t believe how amazing these young actors are. I love the new show and I cant wait to see it on July 22nd on Disney XD. I know my son is ready to see more Cameron Boyce. He thinks he is a great actor and would probably sell his brother or sister to meet him in person.
I have to admit that I am excited for gamers to get more press. Most of the time people make it seem like we are big dorks who have no friends. Some of us are pretty popular and cool. Not me but Cameron Boyce’s character Conor is.

Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything airs July 22nd at 9:30pm ET/PT on Disney XD!

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