Issue Resolved- Sears Carpet Cleaning Services

While the issue wasnt completely resolved I did receive a call from a customer service rep and they sent me a giftcard. They also had the men come out again and try to fix the damage.  They werent able to and the stains remain on my carpet.


I once said that I would never write a bad review on this site since I only review things I am sure to love but I guess I am wrong.  I had the WORST experience ever with a company last week. I will try to not ramble too much but the bottom line is that I came off worse than what I started with after using Sear’s Carpet Cleaning Service.

I ordered online on Tuesday, March 20th for the 3 rooms, get 1 free rate. I thought it was very reasonable so I decided to get my landing and stairs cleaned as well. I set it up for Friday morning so that I could still go out with my friends that afternoon. I didn’t want to since I was supposed to get cake at work and then leave at 1 to eat with my friends but it was the only day I could do it. I even paid for daycare even though I was going to be off so that Baby E wouldn’t be underfoot while they were cleaning. Here is what happened to me.

Thursday afternoon: Sears: I’m sorry, we are overbooked on Friday since two of our trucks are out of comission. Would it be ok if we came from 1-3 on Friday?

Me: Well, I did have plans but I guess so since I already took the day off work. Thanks!

Friday afternoon at 12:45 : Sears: Our guys are really running late. It might be past the 1-3 window, closer to 3-5. Is that ok with you?

Me: Well, I have already waited all day so I might as well wait a little longer. I am upset but thats fine.

Friday night at 5:15: Sears: We apologize for being late but the guys are in your city now. Would it be ok if they still came?

Me (in highly emotional tears): I have waited ALL DAY at home, with nothing to do since I had to unplug the computer and tv and have read every book I own at least a dozen times (I have a lot of free time at work). Its my birthday and I didn’t even get to hang out with my friends. So yes, send them over since I have waited forever. I even apologized for crying on the phone with the guy.

They show up at 5:45! After I was home all day long waiting. I even had to go get Baby E from daycare since it only goes till 6.  Then they came in and I showed them each room. I told them my husband and I spent awhile moving everything off the furniture(even the pillows off the couch) so my bedroom was pretty messy with all the stuff we moved. They wrote it down and got to work. I put myself and Baby E in my messy room and tried to entertain him. At 6:20 they were done.  And it looked good. I was surprised that it took so little time.

So on Saturday, a person from Sears called and offered me a $60 gift-card (to Sears) in exchange for my trouble waiting on them all day. He was pleasant and kind. I accepted since my carpets did look pretty good.

Problem solved right? I wish! My husband and I were having guests over for my birthday Saturday night so Saturday afternoon, he started moving the furniture back in place and we noticed that they didn’t even clean under any of the furniture.

Not only did they not clean under the furniture, they DIDN’T PUT PLASTIC DOWN! So now I have wood stains on my cream colored floor.

So I wrote the person I had spoken with on Saturday an email saying that I was very upset and that I wanted a refund. I included the pictures and the fact that after paying for daycare, missing a day of work, and paying for my carpet cleaning ($146) I was out over $240 dollars and that is ridiculous to just end up with more stains. And after it dried, the carpets really didn’t look that good.

No one answered my email. I got a call on Wednesday, March 28th from a social media specialist to see if my case was resolved. I told her no and explained what happened. She apologized and said that  she would tell my case manager to call me back. He called me today and said he already gave me $60 and that was the best he could do but he could call them back out here to fix the carpet stains and asked me exactly how many stains there was (like they would only fix 5 if I said 5). I told him I didn’t want to wait ALL DAY again for them and that I wanted a refund so that I could get another company to come out and fix my carpet. He told me it was what he could do and that ended the conversation.

I then get a call from Sears to schedule my carpet cleaning and I told the guy what happened and he told me that they DON’T EVER clean under furniture unless you specifically say which pieces you want cleaned under.  Please see the excerpt I took from the Sears Carpet Cleaning website FAQs.
Q: What should I do to prepare my home for Sears carpet cleaning?

A: Any furniture you want moved that has breakables on them, such as pictures or crystal, should be cleared. Our policy is that we will move most furniture that can be safely moved, so if you would like to have a china cabinet, credenza or other large item moved they would have to be empty prior to the crews arrival. Our technicians will do an inspection before they start cleaning and notify you if there is any furniture that can’t be moved. Also, any small items sitting on the carpets to be cleaned, such as boxes, newspapers, toys and shoes, should be picked up. If there is a lot of debris on the carpet it is recommended that you vacuum first.

And he was pretty short and rude on the phone with me.

So what do you all think? Anyone else have a bad experience with Sears? I am in tears here and I just don’t know what to do. I feel cheated that I wasted a day of my life for this and its worse.

Author: Kat

Kat is a married mom of three kids aged 19, 11, and 8 that lives close to Birmingham, AL. She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey, and watching movies. She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks. You can reach her at [email protected] to talk about product reviews, press trips, sponsorships, or brand messaging.