Disneyland Diamond Celebration #Disneyland60

I went to Disneyland as part of the #VeryBadDayEvent last September so I have been there before. It was all decked out for Halloween then and it looked awesome. We went back to Disneyland last week for their Diamond Celebration! Everything is so lovely and they have the Paint the Night Parade and the amazing Fireworks show. I knew I was going to have a ton of fun and I totally did. I am about to bombard you with pictures.

First we had a awesome Diamond lunch after our #TomorrowlandBloggers interviews. It even had little diamonds holding the sandwich together and diamonds on the tables.



While we were there, Minnie and Mickey came dressed in their Diamond Celebration finest!



We got to meet two of the Disney Ambassadors and they showed us around the park some. We took some photos in the boat that was used in Tomorrowland from the original Its a Small World Ride.


We learned about the It’s a Small World Ride and Walt Disney’s vision for it. I had never been on it before. It was wonderful. Now they have added Disney characters into the scenes where their stories originated.


Then we all rode the Indiana Jones Ride which I had also never rode before. It was amazing! I loved it. It was soooo long to get in there though. We rode Haunted Mansion together as well. I love how they have it decked out during these months.


We all split up then to do our thing but I got to ride a bunch of rides. I rode on Space Mountain which is my favorite and the Cars Ride. I honestly cant even remember what we did after that. We walked around a bunch. Then we did Tower of Terror which was scary and kind of awesome at the same time. We were waiting until 8:30 when we met back up to watch the Paint the Night Parade. I LOVED it.


I took a few short videos so that I could send to my husband. I uploaded two onto my Youtube page.

I also took a ton of photos. I swear I took my battery from 90 percent to like 10 percent just taking photos and videos.


We watched the Firework show and it was so lovely. I put my phone down. I wanted to experience it. They kept changing the castle to reflect what songs they were doing. It was breathtaking. I almost cried. I have been suffering from severe depression. I haven’t felt up at all lately but this was an experience I will remember forever.

We ended the night shopping and of course we had to get a picture in front of the pumpkin.

halloween pumpkin

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  1. I’ve never been to Disneyland, only Disney World (and that was when I was rather young). I think it’d be smashing to visit either again.

    God bless,

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