Dining Out with Red Robin’s New Interactive Allergen Friendly Menu

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I can’t tell you how many time I have passed the Red Robin in Trussville, AL and not went in because I wasn’t sure what they offered. I am usually big on trying new things but I hate eating alone so I just kept resisting until one day my friend said she would meet me there. I am very glad that I stopped in and then I was sad because out of the 500 locations in the US and Canada they haven’t built one in the smallish town I moved to. Luckily my mom lives near the Trussville one and I can always take her there for lunch. I was asked to check out their new Customizer Hub on RedRobin.com which allows people to test-drive different combinations of ingredients while keeping within their dietary restrictions.

My oldest is lactose intolerant and he often overindulges when he does take a lactaid pill to counteract it which makes him sick. I worry when we go to restaurants about the things he chooses to eat. I am glad that his issue is the only one we have though. My friend Stephanie’s daughter is allergic to almost everything. She has to be so careful when she goes out to eat with her. This new Interactive Menu that Red Robin has is a HUGE help!

After you select to Launch the Interactive Allergen Menu, it lets you select what your allergy or ingredient to watch out for may be.


It will then bring up a terms of use that you have to accept.


Then you can select your area of the menu that you want to find something that will work with your allergy. I picked appetizers with milk being the ingredient to avoid. It looks like my son can have several things without having to take a lactaid pill. Red Robin team members are trained to handle many different allergies. They have several precautions in place to ensure that the kitchen staff is aware of food allergies and will prepare your meal in the way they are all trained. Red Robin uses allergen kits to prepare all allergen orders. The kits include tools that are for use on allergen orders only and are purple to clearly distinguish them from other kitchen tools. If you didnt know, purple is the color of Allergen Awareness. I think that its pretty cool that Red Robin really cares about their customers and understands about the need for Allergen Awareness.


So my kids had a blast when we went. They LOVED the cheese and pretzels bites (thankfully my oldest didnt mind us getting it without him because he was too busy coloring). My middle child got the baked chicken on a stick. I was a little unsure if he would like that but he attacked it. He ate all of his food and some of my fries.


I had the chicken fingers and french fries. I didn’t want a huge meal since I wasn’t that hungry so I thought I would try something that I could share with my baby if she didnt like her food (she loved her food). The chicken fingers were delicious. I also really liked the BBQ sauce they brought me to go with them.  Our waitress was super nice. She was right on top of things and had such a nice smile.


We had a great visit. I brought a friend, three kids, and myself and I still spent less than $50 even counting the appetizer. It was a great trip for me.

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  1. Oh I would love to try their SAUTÉED ‘SHROOM on the gluten free bun! Oh that looks so delicious!

  2. Wow! The menu pictures are amazing and now Im hungry. Id like to try the chophouse burger and the bacon cheeseburger.

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