Cruising Thru Summer with #SwimWays

swimways baby float, national learn to swim day, baby safety, water safety
I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for SwimWays. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #SwimWays

swimways baby float, national learn to swim day, baby safety, water safety

I was really excited about reviewing the SwimWays Baby Spring Float with my baby girl Moriah. May 16th will be the fourth annual National Learn to Swim Day, and SwimWays really wants to get the word out about teaching children the critical life-skill of swimming. Summers are often spent around the water- community pools, family gatherings, trips to the beach, or camping by lakes and rivers. Teaching water safety and how to swim isn’t just a recreational past-time. It’s a vital skill to help keep your child safe and secure around the water. Water accidents can happen in a flash, and the absolute safest thing you can do is to teach your child to swim. My oldest son was taught as a small baby and has loved water ever since. Sadly my middle child didn’t like the water and even now he hates going swimming until almost the end of the trip. It takes him a long time to warm up to it.


SwimWays has a whole line of products to help keep children safe, to teach them to be secure and confidant, and to help them move towards developing into a good swimmer once they’re old enough. Their line of products are perfect to help your little one enjoy the water safely and helps give you peace of mind about helping them learn more about swimming and supporting them until they’re ready to go it on their own. You can get them at ToysRUs as well so you can look at a selection. I love the canopy on the Baby Spring Float. It was sunny when we first started out and then I took the canopy off easily when it started to get a little less bright outside.



My older son said he was jealous of Moriah’s new float. I had her try it out in the baby pool first to get used to it and didnt blow up the yellow middle part yet. She was just standing there looking at me like I was silly. I told her we had to move to the big pool and she got excited.


I found that the Baby Spring Float was a great way to enjoy the water with my daughter. It was really easy to inflate, no pump or special equipment needed. The inner ring helped to hold her securely and the outer ring helped keep her and the float, well, floating! As easy as it was to inflate, it was just as easy to deflate and fold back up which makes it easy for storage and transport. The Baby Spring Float helped keep her secure while she and her brother moved around the pool, exploring the water safely. She really had a lot of fun with it! She was a little nervous at first after I put her in the big pool and wanted me to get her back out but her brother kept laughing and talking to her.


She warmed up to it fast though after he helped her adjust. Then she really got into it. She was kicking her legs out behind her and just loving her new float. She was even throwing swim rings in the pool for her brother to swim out and get. She really loves her new float.


For additional information, including important information on teaching your child to swim, please check out the links below:

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