Determination, Hard Work, & Hilarity: 2 Broke Girls

I am ecstatic that 2 Broke Girls has been nominated in the upcoming People’s Choice Awards. It is an absolutely hilarious show. The People have spoken and the two lovable gals of 2 Broke Girls have been nominated for best New TV Comedy. They also teach that hard work is what it takes to make something of yourself. When I watch the show and see those girls working hard and having to go through all kinds of tough obstacles, I think about how it takes a lot to make something great. They are trying to build up their dream of owning a cupcake business and I am cheering for them every step of the way. Of course it helps that they are very funny!

I never realized that it was so hard to start a business. When I first started my website, I was doing it for fun more than anything. Now I am swamped with reviews, doing everything I can to make my blog more mainstream with better views, bigger giveaways, and more awesome content. It has been a tough road. There has been many nights that my blogging has caused arguments with my husband. I blog when the children are asleep so he feels that it should be his time then. Then my son got sick and I was out of the game for almost a month. It has been really tough trying to catch up after all that.

No one  is going to just hand you anything in life. You have to reach out and grab it. You have to be willing to put an honest day’s work in and really great things may even take some overtime here and there.

Vote for 2 Broke Girls and your other WB favorites here:!
 I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People’s Choice Awards.

Author: Kat

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