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Do you have a child who adores music and dancing? I do. I have a ham who is constantly vying for time in front of the camera, singing songs, jumping around, anything he can do to get a laugh. He loves movies and shows that have a great theme song and then he will sing them to me often. Very often. Like to the point I now know the words to all the theme songs or could hum them in my sleep.  I encourage it though because I feel that dance is a great form of art and its fun for children. Its beautiful, fun, and it helps children get exercise in a fun and engaging way. It can also help with sleep patterns and social skills in my opinion from raising two children. I have never met a child who didnt like to dance but sadly, without outside encouragement most children would rather sit around and play video games. I think that children need movies, games, and tv shows that stimulate their brains and their bodies. I am glad that there are still great shows out there like Curious George who encourage free thought, exercise, and creativity. I have always loved Curious George. We used to read him all the time when I was a child and I love the show almost as much as my children. Right now, Curious George (which airs on PBS Kids) is celebrating the arts with a Dance Contest.

The Curious George Dance Contest will be accepting entries until April 2nd. To enter you can record a video of your child dancing away to the Curious George theme song and submit it HERE. You can also find a video with the theme song for your child to dance to at that web address. A panel of judges will be choosing 10 finalists based on their creativity, enthusiasm, and originality. Then there will be a public vote between April 16 – 30. All finalists will receive a Curiosity Kit, filled with a Curious George book, game, DVD, and other fun George merchandise which is pretty sweet for just filming your child having fun (I don’t know about you but I do that anyway). You could even win a visit from Curious George himself! The contest is open to children up to 8 years old!

My sweet baby is too young to dance on command (I tried) and my other baby is now too old which is something I never though I would say. He really wanted to do it though when I told him about it!  I am going to keep trying with Baby E though! I want to meet Curious George myself. I wish they would accept a video of me dancing to the theme song. Good luck to everyone who enters! Let me know if you do and I will send special vibes for you!

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