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Today I wanted to bring attention to an amazing organization, The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which helps over 10 million children in the United States and Canada every year. I would also like to bring attention to Walmart and Pampers who donated $200,000 dollars to CMHN in June 2015.  You can make your own donations as well! Since 1983 over five billions dollars has been raised to support research, training, purchase equipment and pay for care provided by over 170 children hospitals. Every hour Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat 942 children, every day they treat 22,407. These numbers are astounding to me. Just super amazing.

I wanted to share a personal story about my best friend growing up when I was little. He was diagnosed with aplastic anemia which required an extensive hospital stay, which included chemo therapy and a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully the CMHN was there to help with the care he so urgently needed, which helped with curing him of his disease. His parents were able to be there with him every step of the way because of the amazing CMHN. Of course this is only one of millions of stories of the good that the CMHN provides each year.


My son Elijah also has been a visitor to Children’s in AL. He has always had an immune problem. Then he had RSV and was hospitalized for that. Then he got to come home with a breathing machine and tons of medicine. A week or so later he started throwing up and didn’t stop. He was hospitalized the next day for dehydration and we found out he had norovirus. It was the worst few days of his life and mine. I was able to stay with him and the nurses and doctors were amazing. They gave him a toy to keep his spirits up. They even have volunteers who come around to play with the kids that are able to play.


Let me also share Starla of Alabama’s story, she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Heart Failure at the tender age of six.

2014 AL Champion-Starla

“After enduring three months of chemotherapy, Starla suffered a seizure that led to cardiac arrest —with heart function and the odds of survival dropping to a dismal 6 percent. Her heart was being put to the test while fighting acute myeloid leukemia, a rare blood cell cancer.Starla’s family relied on prayer during those long winter nights where she remained in a medically induced coma. They found particular support from AJ McCarron, quarterback for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Armed with a Team Starla bracelet, AJ led the Tide to win the 14th National Championship Game.
After a month in the pediatric intensive care unit and a slow-but-sure recovery, Starla was strong
enough to resume a fourth round of chemo. Thanks to the equal parts swift and steady treatment at her
hospital, active and fun-loving Starla is currently in remission with normal heart function.”
As you can see this is an amazing organization that needs our help to continue with its vision statement
of “Together we save kids’ lives.” please Visit for more information and to make
your own donation.

If you have a story of how CMNH has touched someone in your life I would love to hear about this,please leave a comment below. Also by leaving a comment below you will be entering for a chance to win a $25 GC from Walmart.  Just enter on the giveaway form below.




Author: Kat

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  1. I have not had any personal experience with CMNH. I am very happy for those that are able to help and I think they do great work.

  2. No I don’t have a personal story but I truly believe that helping children especially sick children is one of the most important type of charity that there can possibly be.

  3. No I don’t have a story to tell. But I do believe CMN is one of the few organizations out there that uses donations for what they say they will.

  4. I have not had any experience with any of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals but I have made donations.

  5. I do not have a story about the CMNH but I do commend their hard work and what they stand for.

  6. I do not have a story of how the CMNH have affected us, but have seen many stories of families they have helped.

  7. I don’t have experience with CMN but I have collected donations for them in the past.

    I entered this giveaway–

  8. I entere

  9. This is the first I’ve heard of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals – so I don’t have a story to share, but I’m very glad to find out about it.

  10. I do not have any stories of the Children’s Miracle Network but I am excited to support their cause!

  11. No personal experience, but I think it’s amazing to see how much this organization helps children.

  12. I personally do not have a story; however, I know that they do great work for very sick kids.

  13. I do not personally have a story, but my heart goes out to each of these kids and their care takers.

  14. I don’t have any personal experience to share but I have heard a lot of families who have been helped greatly by this wonderful organization.

  15. I don’t have a personal story about them but we do donate each year when the grocery store does their big collection month!

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