Cash Giveaway – Where would you like to retire to?

One of the things that I have always been absolutely sure of in life is the fact that I would never leave Alabama. It is my home. My parents are from here, my grandparents are from here, and at least one of my great-grandparents were from here. I was born right in the middle of Birmingham, AL. I had my children here. I plan to die here.  My husband does not feel the same way.  He probably wants to move to Germany when we retire like his grandparents who are missionaries there.  Specifically to Madgeburg. That would be nice I guess.  I could handle living there for a few months out of the year probably as long as I was always able to come home. I also plan to travel a little bit after retirement and check out more place like this awesome building we saw in Madgeburg.


I think more people should think about retirement early on. Suncorp has built a retirement resource centre to help you plan and manage your retirement – Check out Suncorp’s Superannuation guide. I know that I am only 28 but planning needs to start now and I know I will need some help figuring out what to do. I can barely make a budget at this point in my life much less a retirement plan.  People say that you need a million dollars put away for retirement now and that will double or maybe triple for my generation. That is like an unheard number for me that I am scared to even think about.  I will just think of the nice way I want to retire.


My biggest plan for retirement is to have a huge house that my grandchildren can come to play in so that I can be just like my grandmother. I want it to be somewhere in the country with a few acres of land. I want it to have a lake where I can let my kids come fish and think about my mother who loves stuff like that.  So I know that I need to start getting things ready now. I don’t want to just make do during my retirement. I want to be able to be fun living my days out in lovely Alabama with a three month vacation every year to Madgeburg.  International travel is expensive and apartments are amazingly exorbitant in Madgeburg now so I am sure it will be worse when we get older.

I am sure everyone else’s plans for retirement are much more exciting than mine.

Where would you retire to and why?

REQUIRED: Let me know where you want to retire to and why in the comments to enter to win $100 in Paypal Cash.  This giveaway will run until 9/30/13 at 11 pm CST.

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Author: Kat

Kat is a married mom of three kids aged 19, 11, and 8 that lives close to Birmingham, AL. She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey, and watching movies. She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks. You can reach her at [email protected] to talk about product reviews, press trips, sponsorships, or brand messaging.

581 thoughts on “Cash Giveaway – Where would you like to retire to?”

  1. I would love to retire in one of the Dakotas or in Calofornia. The Dakots are amazingly beautiful and i feel like i could really connect with God there. California beaches are great and there is so much to do. It would be fun and therapeutic to retire there.

  2. probably a more rural part of California near the bay area where i live. because the weather is pretty much always great and there is still access to technology without having to travel to far

  3. I would love to retire to Lake Tahoe because it is simply beautiful. I can see myself in a gorgeous cabin decorating for the holidays and greeting my grandkids as they come to visit.It was always a favorite place of mine when I lived nearby and I always felt so at peace there.

  4. I always wanted to move to London. And I’d say I’d want to retire there but I’ll be old and I doubt I’d want too. I probably wouldn’t like the beach but many people retire to floridly so maybe someplace like Portland or Maine. 🙂

  5. I have not picked a place yet but I know I don’t want to be somewhere where it snows a lot in winter and also someplace where it gets to hot in the summer. I might have to have two places.

  6. I’m like to retire to Miami FL. It’s nice and warm and there are plenty of things to do.

  7. I would love to retire to Dominican Republic, but realistically, more likely the gulf side of Florida

  8. I would like to retire here in Oklahoma because that is where my kids and grand kids are. I love the weather here, it’s not too hot and not too cold.

  9. I want to retire in Rockwall Texas…went there this summer and the shops, water, and just upscale living in Dallas area is just awesome to me! No need for a foreign country I would never see my family lol

  10. I would love to retire to Hawaii, it is beautiful, warm, has the ocean all around. The food there is fantastic, healthy and there is just so much to do!

  11. I think I would retire down to the coast of Texas. I live in Texas and don’t want to leave, but I love the ocean so it’s a win-win situation for me!

  12. I currently live in TX, but I grew up in South Carolina. I would like to retire back in Charleston, SC. I love the history of Charleston, the old houses, and the proximity to beaches, camping, mountains, pretty much everything you would need.

  13. I would love to retire to Tuscany in Italy because the pace of life there is so leisurely, the people are so friendly and the food and wine ins unmatched!

  14. I would love to retire somewhere in the blue ridge mountains. I grew up in the mountain and have since moved to the east coast and i miss it. A nice cabin in the woods would suffice. Thanks!

  15. I plan on retiring to the same town where I live in Missouri because I want to be around for my kids and grandkids.

  16. I would like to retire in the gulf coast of Florida because I used to live there when I was in my early twenties and loved it. I met my best friend there and haven’t seen her since. I just love the beaches and sunsets.

  17. My husband and I are planning on retiring to South Carolina. Some of my family already retired there and we visit often and love it.

  18. I live in Florida, it’s where I was born and where my family has resided since they came from Cuba. Florida is great, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like to retire someplace outside the US. I think it would be great to keep a home here while retiring in Spain or Argentina! Ahhh, a girl can dream.

  19. I would moved to Atlanta Back to my hometown (i haven’t Been there since i was 6) around my close family and friends

  20. I’d love to retire in Wyoming!
    It’s so beautiful there during all seasons.
    Did I mention the snow…

  21. I would like to reitre right here in my home town of St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada. Beautiful place called home. 😀

  22. I would love to retire where I currently live (in KY) or nearby (in Ohio) because I feel like the weather is fairly decent – not too much extreme on either end, and i’d be close to family.

  23. I think I would like to retire in Montreal. I currently live in Jacksonville, FL, and recently took a trip up to Montreal. It was so beautiful. I think it would be a great place to explore when I retire, and be a change from what I’ve been used to.

  24. I’m fine with Montana. Give me a mountain top, a stream below and a little cabin with solar.

  25. I want to retire to a nice warm climate, possibly a small town in California. It’s beautiful down. Now if I win the lottery I want to retire in a nice town in Italy! I’ll bring family with me.

  26. I would like to retire to a little cabin in the smokey mountains where i could garden and read in the lushness of a nature surrounding.

  27. I would love to retire by the beach but will settle for a few months every year someplace warm with no snow. Maybe California?

  28. We would love to retire to someplace like Equador—low cost of living, decent, predictable climate, something new to us.

  29. I want to retire to somewhere that is walkable! I love the idea of a community that plans things you can participate in.

  30. i want to retire somewhere a little north in idaho. somewhere green with a lot of rivers! 🙂

  31. I would like to retire in Columbia SC because you have the mountains just a couple of hours away one side and the beach on the other side. Columbia is in the center of the state. The weather isn’t too bad.

  32. I want to retire in Toronto, ON, because it is a very friendly city, it is clean, and it has a great mass transit system since I want to live without the need of a car.

  33. My husband and I plan to retire to an RV so we can tour the US and visit food festivals, Shakespeare festivals and national parks!

  34. I am not particular about a place in general, I just would like to stay in the Midwest when I’m retired. Beautiful scenery, lots to explore.

  35. I’ll just give the short version. I want to stay in Iowa but live in the country in my bright blue Victorian house with a couple of kitties and lots of room to walk(once I learn how to again.)

  36. I would retire to England because I’ve always wanted to live there 🙂 I love the weather and the accents and the history 🙂

  37. I would love to retire in the Caribbean & I would LOVE to win this giftcard because I could really use some new winter clothes! 🙂

  38. I would love to retire right were I live because I am close to all my family and do not want to move!

  39. I don’t have an exact place in mind where I want to retire as I take my guidance by my destiny. I do know that I want to retire happy,healthy and in close proximity to my family and closest friends.

  40. I have always thought it’d be great to retire somewhere in South America, but most likely I’ll stick to a place near my children. Maybe San Diego. <3

  41. I would like to retire right here in Vermont. I have lived here all my life and could never picture myself anywhere else 🙂

  42. Florida to escape the cold weather. I’m not a fan of it.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. I’d like to retire with my husband higher up in the mountains where I currently live, but with more financial resources…& a better house 😉

  44. Left a comment…Liked on FaceBook & Posted to my FaceBook Page…don’t have a twitter account 🙁 so I can’t twitter post. Thanks for the great contests.

  45. I want to retire in Chicago. It keeps me in the midwest for the seasons and also gives me the cultural scene of New York. It gives you the benefits and appeal of a big city and yet does not feel too big for me.

  46. I would like to retire to New Zealand one day as I’ve heard it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world, and since I’ve never ever experienced winter in Sri Lanka, I would like that too. 🙂

  47. I would love to retire in Portland, Oregon. It’s a beautiful, family-friendly city with lots of parks and independent shops!

  48. I would like to retire someplace in the Pacific Northwest. However that could change depending on where my kids end up living. I want to be close enough where it is not extremely difficult to see them.

  49. I would live in a motorhome and traveled around the US & Canada. My husband and I did this before we had our children and it was great. It would make Alaska, where I live now, homebase and be a Snowbirdand spend winters traveling in the motorhome

  50. I\d be happy to retire right where I am. the weather is temperate, I have all the facilities I could need, and there are plenty of golf courses.

  51. I would love to retire somewhere warm but likely I will settle close to wherever my kids are living so probably wont be warm. Costa Rica or somewhere like that sure would be nice and I hear Belize is really great for reitrees too .

  52. I would like to retire in Sicily, Italy. My home. It’s not a perfect place where to retire and probably there are a million places better, but it’s my home. Now i’m in London since 7 months to work and study, and i have to stay here at least 2 more years. I don’t know how my future will be, but i’m sure i really miss home.

  53. Panama is the place to retire – it has everything I want…except my families – drat …they can come and visit.

  54. I would love to retire in Alberta, Canada where every year has four seasons and I can watch the most spectacular sunrise and sunsets on the planet.

  55. I would like to start working T_T
    However, if one day I will have the good fortune to retire (and not die first. _. ‘) I’d like to travel around the world

  56. I would love to retire to Berlin, Germany. Hubby and I won a trip there 3 yrs ago and totally fell in love! The people, the food and the atmosphere were spectacular. If that is not possible, I would probably like to retire to Wilmington, NC. My mom lives there and it is very quaint and right on the ocean. Thanks for such a grand giveaway 🙂

  57. I would like to retire in Hawaii it,s paradise,not only the weather and the beauty,put the people are just,as friendlies you will find any where

  58. I would want to retire to Mexico. It’s warm all year, beaches, and the cost of living is dirt cheap.

  59. hi and thank for the chance to win this giveaway!
    I think I would love to retired in Thailand why because American dollar go a long way
    and the weather stay nice it just the rain season that made this a second guess place
    and the foods is great

  60. probably a more rural part of Sicilia (south Italy) near the bay area, because the weather is pretty much always great!

  61. Fantasy retirement- Tuscany, because it is so beautiful, steeped in history and I love the food and culture. Realistic retirement- Lexington, KY, because it will be close to family, is a great old city with fairly moderate weather.

  62. I would love to stay where I am in Arkansas. I was born and raised in Connecticut but when I moved here I fell in love and I intend to raise my family here. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and I love the picture you posted 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  63. Florida for the sun and beach so close. I love the peaceful scenery of palms tree. I’m hoping we will actually move there when hubby graduates.

  64. I would like to retire in BC as my family is there and the scenery is just beautiful mountains and water everywhere……

  65. I would like to retire in California because California has fresh fruit and vegetables and gorgeous scenery. 😉

  66. My dream would be to retire in England. Not sure of the exact place, as I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve loved it since I was a child. I just feel like it’s where I belong.

  67. I would like to retire in Cape Breton Nova Scotia because of the beauty and peacefullness.

  68. I would probably want to stay right where I am because I want to be near my family. But, it would be awesome to have a vacation home in Florida, right on the beach!

  69. I want to retire in Northland, New Zealand 🙂 Because it is beautiful and no matter where you live you are only 20 minutes from a beach.

  70. Mexico. I am poor and I can get a house & food cheap to live out the rest of my life. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! . It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the $100 paypal cash to work and eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generousity.

  71. Ireland! My family is from there, and I’ve always wanted to visit. To live there would be amazing!

  72. I’d like to retire to coastal Maine because I’ve vacationed there quite a bit and I know I’d enjoy the lifestye.

  73. Im going to be honest, I want to retire right here where i am now… maybe ill take a cabin on the lake but thats about 20 min away so thats about the same thing.

  74. I would like to live by the ocean someday, but I will not retire, as I am disabled and don’t work. I live in the mountain area in southern CA and would love to live closer to the ocean, so I can visit the water everyday. I don’t think this will happen, as I am already 60 years old and haven’t gotten there yet.

  75. Honestly anywhere but here. I would say Ohio because the area most of my husbands family live has not been taken over by Corporate America. It is a one light peaceful town, very country.

  76. Oahu,Hawaii. I would love to retire there, because it is a beautiful island with a wonderful climate and I lived there as a teenager for one summer.

  77. REQUIRED: Let me know where you want to retire to and why? Well, I think I would stay in Florida to be honest with you as it’s so nice and warm, plus I love living here.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  78. I would retire to Maine. It is by far the most beautiful state I’ve ever visited. So calm & serene. If you ever get the chance, go there!

  79. I would like to retire in Lake Tahoe, NV. That is where my husband and I got married 16 years ago and is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.

  80. I like to retire somewhere in the woods with a creek near by and live in a cabin. Because, I enjoy the seclusion and the beauty of it.

  81. I would love to retire to Australia. It’s beautiful and so different than where I live in southern Illinois. I’ve interacted with individuals who live there in my professional and they’re so nice.

  82. I’d love to retire to the French countryside. I want to drink wine, eat chocolate & bread – paint and meander through lavender fields….

  83. I would retire right here in east TN. We love it here! I would love to get a home out on a few acres where we could enjoy the beauty of the mountains and have some animals for the kids and grandkids 🙂

  84. I would like to retire to Oregon because it is peaceful and beautiful there.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  85. I would love to retire somewhere warm such as Florida or Hawaii.
    But my husband is set on staying in North Carolina once we retire.
    I would probably miss our beautiful snows so I am fine with continuing to live in NC.


  86. I would like to retire here in Calgary. It is a great family city and we have tons of family close by and nothing beats having that.

  87. I would like to retire right here in Wisconsin because I have fallen in love with the state since moving here. Not too mention I couldn’t imagine moving away from my children and my friends here, but it would be nice to visit the south or somewhere warm for some of the cold winter months lol

  88. I would like to move to either Portland OR. because weather is great for gardening or New Zealand for the adventure

  89. I would LOVE to retire in Pacifica or Santa Cruz, They are local to me so I can still see my family but they are the spots that I love the most because of the beach.

  90. I live in a great retirement area Arizona, but it is too hot in the summer. So I pick Arizona for the Winter and San Diego in the summer.

  91. I want to retire either in upstate Vermont or Maine. Somewhere quite and not a lot of people. Where people are more relaxed and not part of the “Rat Race” 🙂

  92. I would like to retire to Nova Scotia, or PEI. I LOVE THE OCEAN, & the way of life there. The cost of real estate is very low. I would like a few acres, to grow my own food, livestock, chickens & be as self-supported as possible. I would leave everything behind, and just live a simple life.

  93. I’ll like to retire at paris in france because its one the most beautiful cities in the world.

  94. I really would like to retire in Sweden. I’m from belgium and the only thing we have here are cities. I heard that in Sweden there is a lot of calming nature and the sun shines a lot. I think i need that rest when I retire… that would be perfect

  95. Eluthera sounds inviting. I hate the cold and it’s warm with ocean on one side and Caribbean on the other.

  96. Palawan, the Philippines… where the ocean is clear and tame, the sand is white and where the sunsets are breathtaking! 🙂

  97. I’d like to retire to Cyprus. I’ve been there three times to visit hubby’s family and love it.

  98. I would have to say Japan. I absolutely love the culture and people, not to mention all of the KAWAII things 🙂
    I find it so inspiring to know that most people ride bikes and enjoy the weather, I think it should be this way everywhere. Just the scenery and the pop culture there is so adorable. I may never live in Japan but I would certainly love to visit one day!!

  99. I’m going to stay where I am in sunny Southern California. I love it here. I’ve been here for most of my life. You really can’t beat the weather. I’m far enough out from the cities that it’s not so crowded. Traffic is still bad but that’s typical.

  100. I’d love to live in a grass hut on a beach in Maui. I’d sell beads! All I’d need would be a tee shirt and a pair of shorts!

  101. Barcelona, the most beautiful city i’ve ever visited. The legend says if you drink from the fountain near the cathedral you leave a piece of your heart there. I did, so… there you have it.

  102. I’d like to retire to somewhere in Florida or the Sun Coast because I love the weather, other than the hurricanes, of course.

  103. I would want to retire in either Myrtle Beach or in Delaware. Somewhere near the beach that’s nice and relaxing; and I loved visiting both places

  104. I would like to retire to Central Coast California as it is close to where my grandchildren live

  105. Hm. I haven’t really thought about it but I guarantee I don’t want it to be Florida where I live now. Perhaps somewhere in the mountains or up north west somewhere. Anywhere but here really!

  106. Well, I really wanna to retire on the coast of Maine. To me, it’s the most beautiful, peaceful spot and I wanna live out the rest of my days in peace!

  107. would like to retire in northeast tennessee because I have wooded acreage there and would like to have a cabin built

  108. I would like to retire to a little cabin on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It would have a reading room with a huge window, looking out onto the ocean & I would curl up on a big, comfy sofa, read and watch the fall storms.

  109. I want to retire in Panama City Beach Florida! We have so many wonderful family memories there 🙂

  110. If I could afford it, we’d retire to Barcelona. If we need to stay in America, probably Taos or somewhere similar in the desert.

  111. I would love to retire to a South East Asian country where the weather is traditionally pleasant year round and the prices are cheaper than North American standards.

  112. I want to retire in St. Thomas, USVI. We went on our Honeymoon there and we didn’t want to leave! It’s beautiful and life moves slowly there. Gorgeous!!!

  113. I’m not sure where I would retire but I would like it to be somewhere where it’s mid 70’s all year round and no snow!

  114. I would like to retire in a small home with a bit of land in the country. So I could plant a garden raise a few animals and live in a quiet and peaceful environment.

  115. I just want to retire in the mountains somewhere maybe Tennessee or Colorado. I have lived in a beach community for over half my life and really want a change of scenery.

  116. My dream spot would be St Thomas! We love visiting there and hope we can retire there when we get to that point! Either that or my kids basement with a St Thomas poster!

  117. Id looooooove to retire in Bermuda when Im 30 in 2 years because I win the lottery nxt year 🙂 That would be the best Id share most of it and take what I need to retire in a shack on the island. Hey they have a cool season too so Im not being greedy 🙂 its near the mid souther states in the atlantic so I would even retire on St Marteen or St Thomas too…Thanks!!!

  118. I would love to stay where I am, beautiful sunny Florida! All my family is here, don’t want to leave.

  119. I want to retire in one of the many beautiful islands of the Philippines, where I can enjoy the beach and warm sunshine. 🙂

  120. With unlimited funds, I’d like to retire to New Zealand where they have mountains, beaches and gysers. Otherwise, I’ll be happy here in Colorado
    Thanks for the contest.

  121. I would love to retire somewhere in the mountains, where it is cooler in the summers. We live in South Texas and the summers are hot and humid. We took a trip to Cloudcroft , NM last year and I LOVED it. That would be a perfect spot, IMO.

  122. I would want to retire nearby my family, maybe in Palo Cedro, CA. Or somewhere near the ocean. I totally agree with you about having some land, that is definitely a dream of mine. 🙂 ~Lynda ilikevindiesel(at)

  123. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win $100 in Paypal Cash.
    In response to your question of Where do you want to retire to and why?
    I would like to retire in my own home and be able to travel to where I want.
    I want to stay in my hometown because it is my home. I am happy here.

  124. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win $100 in Paypal Cash.
    For a bonus entry I Liked your page and this post on Facebook and I commented on it.

  125. Colorado. I enjoy the cold and if I am retired I wouldn’t have to worry about driving too much anyway!

  126. I’d love to retire to South Carolina, maybe not Myrtle Beach but somewhere near their (Pawley’s Island, possibly)


  127. I would most likely retire to an island or England for the scenery and quietness.
    Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  128. Although I have a long time before retirement, I would liove to retire to either Orlando, Miami or Belize

  129. I want to retire to Hawaii because I have never been there but it looks so beautiful in pictures!

  130. If I could get my whole family to go with me, I would love to retire to Hawaii! I have been there 3 times and it is the most beautiful state!

  131. York Beach Maine! My favorite place on earth! I used to spend my summers there as a kid, then took my own family there for a vacation and my husband and I planned to retire there but he passed away 6 years ago, but I would love to go back, it was his most favorite place on earth too!

  132. I want to retire in Florida, because I feel close to that place and I have family and friends there and I feel everybody is at the same level as me lots to do and great business opportunity.

  133. I would retire to Coeur d’Alene, ID as it is close to 2 of my 4 grandchildren, my brother, 2 of my very good friends and close to where I spread my daughter’s ashes (her hometown).

  134. I’ve always thought Malta or Belize would be nice. Safe enough, great weather and in the case of Belize still affordable enough.

  135. I would like to retire to Sanibel Island. I traveled there for a vacation and really felt home. Plus, it’s like being on the islands, but being in America!

  136. I’d love to retire to San Francisco, both for the pleasant year-round weather and the amazing culture — it’s a city full of unique, interesting people that I’d love the chance to be a part of when I have the time to stop and appreciate it!

  137. I’d retire to Western Ireland, on Sky Road just outside of Clifden in the Conemmara. Visited in 2007 and I still think part of my heart is there.

  138. Somewhere near the beach. Because it would be great waking up to that every morning .and being to just walk outside and put my feet in the sand!! =]

  139. I’d want to retire to Berlin because it’s an active center of culture and the cost of living is significantly lower than where I am right now in the U.S.

  140. Thanks for the giveaway…we are thinking about Tucson: great climate, small city /university town, low taxes.

  141. I would love to retire in fort worth since it’s my hometown. I would love to go other places on vacations, but my home city is perfect.

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