Best Wireless Savings with the Walmart Family Plan

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Remember that when I posted in June about how I was looking for a cheap wireless plan so that we wouldn’t be paying tons of money for texting and data? Having a preteen is more expensive than I ever could have imagined. I know my husband and I use a lot of data playing around while we are bored but I had no idea a kid could find so many things to talk about via text to their friends or on the Facebook app.  In July, I talked about how we switched to a family mobile plan to save money. Well more specifically the Walmart Family Mobile Plan which has been beyond awesome for my family.  We have been very happy with the #FamilyMobileSaves service and with the great LG L9 phone we got for it through #CBias.

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This new found relief from super high phone bills got me thinking and I was wondering what are some of the reasons that a person would switch to a new wireless plan?  We switched because we wanted to have more data for less money. The Walmart Family Mobile plan is one of the best Unlimited Plans around. I have been getting it for $39.88 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data.  I have been thinking of moving my husband’s phone over as well.  If you add a second line it is only $34.88 a month for the second phone and it will work on all different types of phones.  You dont have to get a new one if you have an Android, iPhone, This has saved us so much.  Enough that my Boy Scout can go on all the trips.  Don’t let anyone fool you, Scouting is expensive especially now that he goes on all these weekend trips. This picture is right before he left on a 2 day trip to Shiloh National Park.

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He got to take his phone for the bus ride (they take them up when they get there) which is great. He spent the whole time texting me crazy things like how bad the other boys smelled and how many trees they had passed at that point.  He also downloaded a ton of apps to play. I am so glad that we have the unlimited data on the Walmart Family Plan because that would have been so expensive if we didn’t.  The funny thing is that he spent so long finding the ‘most awesome’ apps to download (that qualified with the rules I set up for him on downloading) that he never got to play any of them. That 3G data is really fast and we have never went to a place where it didn’t work wonderfully.  I also get to let my toddler play with it on trips which is great because he leaves his cousin alone.  Then I can take pictures like this one without my jealous boy getting upset.

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Another thing I can’t get over is how easy it is to pay your bill online.  Now that I am a stay at home mom I have been doing more and more things online like growing my business so I love having shortcuts like online bill pay.  I can check minutes and data, add extras to my phone, and update all my information in one place. The Walmart Family Plan is easily the best choice for saving money that my family has made in awhile and we are very happy with our service.  It offers the best wireless savings around. I will check back with everyone in a month to let you know how it is going and if I have gotten tired of my preteen for excessive texting yet.


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