Brushing Well with Oral-B Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000

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Oral-B Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000

Finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone on our list is always a challenge, but luckily, Oral-B is here to help! The Oral-B Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 brush makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.  The design of the Deep Sweep puts a new spin on things.  Har har.  Ok enough puns.  I could not help myself though.


The brush has a wide sweeping angle of motion that allows Deep Sweep to cover more surface area than a regular manual brush and removes up to 100% more plaque vs. a regular manual toothbrush.   Deep Sweep provides 28,000 motions per minute. And the angled power tip allows the brush to access hard to reach places.  It is so much easier to use than a regular toothbrush as well because I feel like it does all the work for me. My teeth feel minty clean when I am done brushing, almost as clean as after the dentist.


This brush is cool because every 30 seconds, there is a signal to change toothzones.  After 2 minutes, which is the professional recommendation for brushing (like anyone remembers that from when we learned how to brush our teeth), there is a longer signal to indicate the recommendation has been achieved. This means it’s easy for a child to know he or she has brushed carefully and long enough.  I will say child because honestly I think my husband might need more help than the children in remembering to brush ALL of his teeth thoroughly. It comes with everything you need to get started brushing your teeth the right way.  Well, everything except toothpaste but I am going to go ahead and assume you already have some of that.


Every three months, the brush needs to be replaced in the system for best performance, but don’t worry about remembering that.  Indicator bristles remind the user.  With the holidays going on, there are many treats and we all know that it is easy to overindulge after spending long days with family. So you know you need to get your brush and really take care of your teeth after all that peanut butter fudge from Grandma’s house.   With the Oral-B Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000, it’s fun to brush and it is easy to do a good job! It is available at department, retail and specialty stores nationwide at a suggested retail price of $64.99.

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  1. Holy cow, 28K per minute! That should definitely get teeth sparkling clean. My daughter has the Oral B for kids, which works wonderful (I bought myself a brush head for it:). I’ll have to look into this as my dentist recommends electric for me as I was diagnosed with early signs of gingivitis 2 years ago, had surgery and now need to make sure all stays clean!

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