Broken Promises Review & Book Tour

Broken Promises Review & Book Tour

Broken Promises

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What would you do if the man you loved became one of your greatest enemies? Would your love be enough to save him?

Warning: This book and Broken Promises Review are 18+.

Brianna Lane is a clumsy sort of heroine but her moment is coming. Bri is looking forward to a great date night with her lover Quinn when disaster strikes. All around them people are arguing, fighting, killing each other and it seems like the world has gone crazy. When Quinn is affected, Bri promises him to find the cure and escapes.  She finds out not only that her grandmother is very involved in the events but that the Fae are real and are invading. They are taking over by compelling humans to act in violent manners. Bri is destined to be much greater than she ever imagined but will she be able to save her love before its too late?

When I was given the chance to do a Broken Promises review, I both loved the fact that its a quick read and hated it. I wanted more of this world. My one complaint with this book which I hope is addressed in the next one is that the Fae werent given much storytime. I want to know more about the General and his plans. It was very violent like I would imagine a situation like that to be. Honestly if everyone started fighting and killing each other around me, I don’t know what I would do. Probably get as far away as possible. That is why Bri is so awesome. I love heroines that no one sees coming and with her clumsy attitude and forgetfulness, Bri definitely fits that description. You will all have to forgive me but I like the angry, almost forced sexual encounters between her and Quinn. They were incredibly hot.  In fact, most of the scenes of the book were either super hot or super exciting. This is definitely an edge of your seat type of book. Belinda Boring does not disappoint with her Brianna Lane series but I expected no less of such a great author!


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