Box Tops for Education- Why Haven’t I Done This Before?

I think everyone in America has seen the Box Tops for Education on General Mills products at the grocery store. They’re ubiquitous- every time I go grocery shopping I see the logo on the cereals we eat and the granola bars I pack for snacks. But it never really sunk in that this is a great way for schools until the start of this school year- there’s a whole lot I didn’t know about the program!



Did you know that Box Tops for Education provides money directly to your school? Box tops are worth $.10 each! It’s one of the biggest school earnings programs in the US, with more than 80,000 schools participating every year. The cash comes without any strings attached- schools can use the money any way they wish. And with more than $525 million contributed since the program began in 1996, that is a TON of money to help schools!!!!



This year I am really going to pay attention to what I buy and how it can better the schools my children attend. I am seriously considering organizing a Box Top for Education drive in my kids classrooms this year- who knows, maybe it will spread to the whole school! I’m pretty sure a quick call to the PTA will get lots of enthusiastic support and we can really get this ball rolling! Maybe I can get a local pizza place to donate a pizza party to the classroom with the highest level of participation?

General Mills also almost always has excellent coupons available for their products, and combined with WalMart’s low prices, the Box Tops for Education program is an inexpensive way for me to contribute to my children’s’ schools without busting my budget or breaking the bank. Let’s face it, I am having to be really thrifty with our grocery budget (and our budget in general!) and being able to save while helping the school at the same time is just perfect for us. If I can get all the other parents in on it, we would really raise some money for our schools! And the schools could do a lot with that money- classroom supplies are in real shortage this year. Being able to ease the strain on the teachers’ budgets this year would be so meaningful, and would directly impact the education my children get and the work that teachers will be able to do in the classrooms.

Have you ever participated in Box Tops for Education? Learn more about Box Tops for Education at Walmart! What are some of the best ways to engage with your teachers, your PTA, and your school to get the parents pumped up and participating? I’d love to brainstorm with you!!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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