Blaze and the Monster Machines, Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine Gift Sets

This holiday season I got to review some adorable DVD sets for my kids. They LOVED them because they aren’t just dvds, they are special. Check them out below. I love how they added the really cute ornament in each one. You can only find these at Walmart so you should get some today before they sell out!

Blaze And The Monster Machines: Fired Up! (DVD + Blaze And The Monster Machines Ornament) (Limited Edition) (Walmart Exclusive) (Widescreen)

My kids love Blaze. My son has Blaze and he drives him around the kitchen all the time. I am so glad we have the dvd now because now we can watch it in the car! We don’t have many shows on dvd to watch in the car and now my son is so happy because we have Blaze.

Get fired up for 4 action-packed Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes! Whether he’s transforming into a fire truck, a bumper car, or an ice-making machine, ready to team up with you to use speed, stunts and STEM to save the day!

Paw Patrol: Pups Save Christmas (DVD + Paw Patrol Ornament) (Limited Edition) (Walmart Exclusive) (Widescreen)

Who doesn’t love Paw Patrol? Both my littles watch it often and they pretend to be helpers and run around with their bags of instruments. This one was a cute one because its holiday themed. Paw Patrol has a lot of great messages to kids as well. It also has an adorable Paw Patrol puppy ornament included. My son told me he was going to give it to Santa so he can have help if he runs into trouble.

Join the PAW Patrol for 7 snowy saves, including a special double-length Christmas episode! The pups gear up to fix Santa’s sleigh and save Christmas, plus return penguins to their frozen home, help Everest on some snowy rescues, and more!

Shimmer And Shine: Welcome To Zahramay Falls (DVD + Shimmer And Shine Ornament) (Limited Edition) (Walmart Exclusive) (Widescreen)

We haven’t seen much of this show but my kids still liked it. My daughter had more fun with it because she is into magic more than my son right now. He likes genies and fairies but he prefers magic wands and magic guns that shoot magic creatures. Its a show he watches and now he wants everything to be like it. He still sat down and watched these with my daughter though. It came with a Shimmer and Shine Genie ornament that my daughter does not want to put on the tree. She wants to play with it and hang it from her boot. She tried to claw it out of the box when I first showed it to her. I have to admire her resolve on it.

First time’s a charm in 3 genie-rific episodes, including a double-length special! Join Leah’s first magical trip to the genie world in Zahramay Falls! Then go back to Shimmer and Shine’s first day in Leah’s world. And in a bonus episode, celebrate the friends’ first wishaversary!.

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