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Did you ever see a winter landscape and just wish you had a great camera and a long range lens? Me too but I know the stuff I could take would never be close to the photos in Art of Winter: A Photographic Essay by Julie M Covert. It is one of the most lovely books I have ever seen. It is currently residing on my coffee table until I go to my grandmothers to give it to her. I am sure it will grace her house will more elegance than mine.  It is a hardcover coffee table that offers an amazing first person view into the real landscapes of winter. Julie M. Covert spent a lot of freezing mornings capturing these photos in her home of Drummond Island in Lake Huron.

Art of Winter 2

This is one of my favorite scenes from the book. Sorry for the glare, its hard to take a picture of a picture in a book. Hopefully you can see why I like it so much though. It looks like the water and sky are melting into each other across a frozen landscape.  There are several pictures which make it seem like the elements are battling it out causing such beautiful icy images. The whole book makes me wish that Alabama wasn’t so ill equipped for snow so that we could actually enjoy the small amount that falls here. It’s been many years since I have seen a real snow fall and it was during  the blizzard of ’93 which ultimately caused so much snow that the heating system in my house fell through and burned our house down.  I would love to visit a place like Lake Huron especially if I could meet a wonderful author and photographer like Julie M. Covert.

You can read more about Julie on her blog Island Living, her Facebook, and her website.

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