15 Hot Chocolate Recipes

hot chocolate recipes, recipes, hot drinks

hot chocolate recipes, recipes, hot drinks

Everyone loves hot chocolate right? Well, I love hot chocolate and I love how many awesome ways you can make it. Hot chocolate recipes are probably the most inventive things ever. Someone told me once that she used shavings from a jalapeno for her hot chocolate and you should have seen my face. I honestly was torn between asking her to make me some and thinking how in the world could anyone ever think to do that. Below is an amazing list of super tasty hot chocolate recipes from some beyond awesome bloggers. If you have a great recipe for hot chocolate, leave me a link in the comments or paste in the recipe. I would LOVE to hear about it. I plan on trying every single one of these on this list of 15 Hot Chocolate Recipes that I have not tried yet by the end of the month. It is never extremely cold in Alabama but when it rains it pours and I always want a warm drink to make me feel better.  I know there has to be other people like me out there just waiting for it to snow or rain to have an excuse for some hot chocolate goodness.

Hot Chocolate Recipes




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