Well Beginnings Diapers and Wipes at Walgreens are a Hit!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings. #WellBeginnings

Well Beginnings Diapers

As as newly minted stay at home mom (does 10 months count as newly minted), I am always on diaper duty.  My husband is rarely home while the kids are awake so he is lucky enough to get out of that chore.  Moriah is my third baby and after three I can tell you all there is to know about diapers.  My second child didn’t potty train until he was three.  I have been through my fair share of brands, sizes, and shapes.  All three of my children were huge when they were born.  Huge.  Giant butts.  They did not fit in newborn clothes at all and newborn diapers lasted maybe a week.  You haven’t lived until you have checked, double checked, and triple checked every single diaper that went on your baby’s tush because they had such huge fat rolls the diaper wouldn’t fit correctly. And those tabs on the side? I have broken a few million of those over the years trying to get a diaper on a squirmy baby.  Stretchy tabs are the first awesome thing I noticed about the Well Beginnings diapers from Walgreens. Moriah started wearing the diapers this past week and I have nothing but praise for them.

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That is what I look for in a diaper.  Something stretchy. Something that will move with my chunky monkey of a baby while she explores every nook and cranny of my house.  She is a clingy mommy’s baby but she loves to tumble all over the couch, the bed, the playroom, and me.  Mostly me. I love the fact that I can put the Well Beginnings diapers on my daughter and not have to worry about them breaking out her skin. She has super sensitive skin just like her mom.  The diapers contain natural botanicals, vitamin E, and aloe.  They are super soft and cottony so I am sure they feel nice on her skin. She can crawl all over the house and there have been no leakages!


Look how wide the diapers stretch! I know most babies in size 4 are probably walking but my daughter is only 10 months so she isn’t quite there yet but I imagine she will be just as active when she does start walking. The Well Beginnings diapers are made for the active baby and they certainly do their job. I can keep her in size 4 for a long while because it goes up to 37lbs! She is only 23lbs right now.  I could even use them on my 3 year old who just recently potty trained. He is only 31lbs.  My little skinny baby.  He slimmed down around 2 years old. He is a bundle of energy just like his sister.  Always moving, always grooving.  He is my rock star.


The Well Beginnings wipes are great as well. They are strong and easy on the skin.  I hate those wipes that tear when you are trying to use them.  I need something sturdy so that I can keep up with the wiggly baby butt as she twists and turns to get out of getting her diaper changed.  She hates it.  She hates being naked at all.  She cries every time I put new clothes or a new diaper on her.  She wouldn’t even look at the camera for me in the picture below.  She is just too busy.  That is ok though because she has a diaper that can keep up with her.


You can find Well Beginnings diapers and wipes for your baby inside your local Walgreens store. For more information about Walgreens Well Beginnings, visit the Walgreens Website and you can also like Walgreens on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.

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22 thoughts on “Well Beginnings Diapers and Wipes at Walgreens are a Hit!”

  1. Just bought some yesterday bc they were on sale and you got 2000 points if you bought any 2 well beginnings items! Can’t wait to try them!

  2. Ah man!
    We just potty trained a month ago.
    I am convinced we spent way more money than we ever needed to on diapers.
    The expensive ones leak.
    The cheap ones leak.
    Makes a momma want to pull her hair and scream!!

  3. She is an absolute doll! We’ve got the Well Beginnings too and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well they fit, and don’t gap, and how long the velcro/tape closures actually adhere! We really like them.

  4. You know I am not surprised that Walgreens Well Beginnings offers such high quality baby products. I think Walgreens house brands always exceed my expectations as far as store brands go. If you haven’t tried the Good & Delish cookies and treats yet, I highly recommend them. 😀

  5. These diapers seem to be everything a mom would want for their babies or tots. They look absorbent and well-fitting. The designs are cute as well.

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