Virtual Housecalls- they’re a thing with Amwell!

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I’m a huge, huge fan of modern technology. There are so many new innovations now that would have been absolutely indispensable to me when my children were younger. As I’m sure all you moms know, kids pass around germs as fast as downloading a new hit song (and about as frequently!) and once one kid is down, the rest of us will surely follow. And that usually means packing up my sick kid, my other children, possibly and (more often than I’d like) my own sick and feeble self, and trudging down to the pediatrician’s office and sit waiting in the veritable and inevitable maelstrom of other children’s germs waiting and waiting and waiting for our name to be called. What I would not have given back then for a DOCTOR that made HOUSECALLS!!!


Well you know what they say nowadays- there’s an app for that! And I’m so thrilled to have found such a fantastic service! Amwell is an amazing new physician’s service that will allow you to make a virtual doctor’s appointment all without having to leave your home- or even leave your bed! There are doctors available 24/7 who can help with your malady- they can even provide prescriptions to your local pharmacy! When you log onto Amwell’s website or open their easy-to-use Amwell app, you’ll have a choice of several doctors that you can consult with one-on-one with the ability to walk you through your symptoms and target treatment specifically for you and your illness. Doctors can treat and even prescribe while you can stay in the comfort of your own home- no more waiting rooms with miserable sick kiddos (or moms!!!).



Once you register on their website or through their app, you can look at the menu of services provided -they also provide nutrition and psychological consulting- and select the service you want. Then just pick one of their doctors and BOOM! HOUSECALL!!! Each doctor has a bio and brief professional background available for you to use before you select him or her. And the copay is clearly displayed on the screen before you choose a doctor.


Really it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of Amwell’s amazing new service. And to make it even more appealing, ss a new customer you can receive your first visit free using coupon code CARENOW2

The next time you get sick just remember that there’s an app for that and try Amwell!

Author: Amy

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