Unilever’s Rinse, Recycle Reimagine Campaign

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Unilever USA is launching a huge new campaign targeted to help American consumers recycle their bath products. Their Rinse, Recycle, Reimagine program is designed to help folks remember and make the extra effort to recycle the packaging for their bathroom beauty and grooming products. I’m shocked by what I have learned- did you know that while most Americans know that their bathroom product packaging is recyclable, that only about a third of them actually make the walk across the house to put the item in the recycling bin?


According to Unilever:

“One in five (22%) Americans wouldn’t walk across their home to recycle a bath or beauty bottle. In fact, Americans are more likely to go the distance to get a drink when thirsty, charge their phone, or answer a phone call than walk an empty plastic bottle from the bathroom to the recycling bin.”

This seemingly small issue of not making that short walk has a huge impact, with nearly 29 million tons of plastics sent to landfills each year – many of which are bottles that once occupied bathrooms across America.


This is such a huge waste! Our landfills need to be spared every bit of recyclable material possible, not to mention saving on the energy it takes to make new packaging instead of just recycling your own. Unilever is trying to get the word out in part by running a fantastic sweepstakes! Entering is not only easy, it’s good for the environment! A few minutes with your smartphone AND doing your part to make sure all your packing gets recycled is all it takes!

Go to Bright Future to learn more, or share a photo of your bathroom recyclables on Twitter or Instagram using #ReimagineThat and #Sweeps for a chance to win re-imagined recycled prizes. Daily and grand prizes range from Unilever beauty kits to goods made from recycled plastics like an umbrella or a backpack. By taking simple steps at home – like recycling –Americans can also help the environment and address climate change.

I’m going to be sure and be that much more careful from now on. I think my children will also see me put in the effort so they will also try to recycle more. It’s worth the walk to keep my recyclable bathroom items out of the landfill, and to have them re-imagined into something new!

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