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I was provided with an expense paid trip for the #Incredibles2Event in exchange for my review of the events we experienced during the trip including this trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


As I mentioned in my post a couple weeks ago, I was invited to Disney from 4/3-4/5 to experience the magic of Pixar and San Francisco. We learned so many awesome things and visited some really neat places. On our last day there we got to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum. If you know me at all then you know I love museums. We always try to go to several when we travel and my husband is like a little kid at Disneyland when we get in there. This time it really is like Disney though because its all about the man. The man behind the curtain. The Walt Disney Family Museum is located right in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge so we were all able to get some great pictures of it. It is laid out in chronological order so its from his birth to his death. And let me go ahead and warn you that the last room is very, very sad. I won’t do you the disservice of going through and trying to do his biography on my post but I did want to talk about some really beautiful things I saw in the museum.

I have had the honor of visiting Walt Disney’s Los Feliz Estate a few years ago so I knew just from that visit that he loved his girls. He was a family man. I loved seeing him growing up with his brother Roy in pictures and seeing him with his family. He did not like to mix work and family though. He said he didn’t bring the girls or his wife to the studio often so you probably haven’t seen a lot of pictures of them. There are a ton in the museum though because this isn’t a history of Disney, this is a history of Walt, the man behind the Mouse. All the way to the very end with pictures of him with his grandkids.

And the museum is not just the good stuff either. It’s got a ton of the downs in his life as well. Things were not always a bed of roses for him and he kept on going.

Its like seeing the birth of a dream. He truly created some wonderful things and he was just an ordinary man.

He started with drawing as a young child and worked his way up to other mediums and just kept pushing to be more. He experimented where other people failed and wanted to go where no one else had gone before. He wanted to bring dreams to life.

He just never wanted it to end. And the dreams he had for the parks were amazing. He also said that “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world” and that has proved to be so true. There is always something new to be seen at the parks and in the movies.

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I was close to tears so many times through the museum which I will touch on in a minute. It doesn’t look that big from the front but once you get going you can spend hours and hours in there. And there are so many interactive exhibits. There are tons of things for kids to do as well. Sarah Mock did a great 4 minute long interview where she finds out what all there is for kids to do there.

And there is a giftshop and a very delicious deli there! I had a wonderful grilled chicken Caesar salad with a root beer and it was so affordable. And being from Alabama and seeing the California prices on things when I visit, you know that I actually do mean affordable. And Allison from had Walt’s Chili and it looked amazing!

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We also had the super amazing treat of seeing the Glen Keane Exhibit! It is open now open now through September 3, 2018. He is simply magical. Some of his main animations include Ariel from Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Tangled. So even if you do not know his name, you have seen his work. And being a redhead I have been paired with Ariel my whole life so it was kind of awesome seeing his work of her.

I could have walked through just his exhibit forever because his work is just so awe inspiring.

It is worth going to see before its gone September 3rd! Make sure to get in there. The last part of the museum is the saddest and the best honestly. Its Walt’s death. I want to share some of the best pictures I saw.

Give yourself plenty of time to tour the museum if you go and bring tissues for the end. Its fun for the whole family and very inexpensive! If you are in California, then a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum is a must!

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