Thule Urban Glide Stroller Review- Smartsize Your Stroller Options

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thule-urban-glide-2Boy, strollers have come a LONG way since I was pushing my oldest around in a clumsy four-wheeled contraption. Swiss designer Thule has come up with the *perfect* stroller- the ultimate all-in-one stroller that can go effortlessly from paved sidewalk to dirt path and even to hiking trail. I was seriously impressed with his much effort has been put into the design and functionality of this stroller, as well as making it lightweight and very nice to look at. So we decided to try the Thule Urban Glide out at our local park first. Most of the track is not paved and is quite rough so we usually cut through the grass. It handled super well. 


The three-wheeled design with oversized tires and suspension system ensure a smooth ride for your passenger, even when the trail gets bumpy, and it guarantees easy steering for mom or dad. The front swiveling wheel makes taking tight turns a dream, and I really liked the locking option to allow you to put the stroller in ‘jogging’ mode. A simple turn of a knob at the handle, and you can lock the front wheel and take off. It really is ideal for maneuvering on either a crowded street or on a jogging path. Please ignore my greasy hair. I had planned on showering but I was like no. I am going to get hot and sweaty when I go jog anyway.


The child compartment is nicely padded, including the five-point harness. It is simple to recline the back seat, and there’s a mesh window that allows the user to keep an eye on the passenger. The sun shade is HUGE, and does a wonderful job of keeping the sun off the child. So many strollers have inadequate sun shades, which leads to frustration and sunburn! Thule really didn’t skimp here.


There’s a storage pocket on the back and a water-resistant storage compartment in the bottom, which is great for storing keys, wallet, sunglasses, snacks, whatever you might need. And there is also storage in the child compartment as well- mesh pockets to help hold onto water bottles and the like. I thought this was a great addition- one more sign of superior design.


The foot brake is easy to use- just push the red bar down with your foot. Even my preschooler could push his sister in it. And the handlebar is very easily adjustable for your height. I also really like that I can add on different accessories, like a snack tray or rain cover. The cover it comes with is great though. My daughter is very fair like me and I always worry about her skin. She wasn’t happy we stopped for a drink.


The folding mechanism couldn’t be easier- just reach under a flap of fabric near the front wheel and twist the blue handle. The stroller promptly folds into a very compact storage configuration. If you need it to get a little smaller, the rear wheels pop off very easily. And it’s very lightweight and easy to maneuver.


All in all, I really feel that the Thule Urban Glide is an amazing stroller that will make owning a second, ‘specialized’ jogging, hiking, or casual use stroller unnecessary. One stroller really can do it all, and do it all well. These days with folks trying to smart-size their lives, and save money, it makes perfect sense to buy one product that multi-tasks and does everything you’ll need. The Urban Glide certainly does that! Thule is perfect for making products the perfect fit for whatever your family needs. You can check out this great Thule- Bring Your Kids video showing how wonderful their products are for transporting your kids wherever you like can take you. Or you can watch it down below.

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Amy is a homeschooling mom of two teens that just relocated to a small neighborhood close to downtown Birmingham, AL. She enjoys gardening, travel, crochet, embroidery, and exploring a more urban lifestyle. To contact Generations of Savings for sponsorship, reviews, giveaways, press trips, or general information please email [email protected]

19 thoughts on “Thule Urban Glide Stroller Review- Smartsize Your Stroller Options”

  1. I have THREE sisters in law that are pregnant right now. I am definitely telling them about this because it sounds really nice.

  2. I don’t have any littles in the house now, but we plan on trying for #2 soon and this stroller looks like it would be perfect for us! We have state passes to all the parks around here and love to get out in the woods together as a family. Knowing this stroller is light and sturdy enough to meet our active lifestyles will definitely have me checking it out when the time comes!

  3. I had a similar stroller for awhile, and it felt like it was gliding across the road, sand, grass, whatever. It was perfect! It made going for walks so easy!

  4. My daughter still likes to ride in a stroller when we’re out for longer trips/walks. This looks like it would be such smooth ride with this huge wheels!

  5. This stroller looks really useful. I remember living in urban areas in the states and having to deal with the folks with the big, bulky strollers. This one seems to do the trick!

  6. It’s almost worth trying to get pregnant again and have more kids so I can have fun things like this that they didn’t have when my kids were babies and toddlers

  7. I was searching for a stroller 2 years ago and something similar to this was on my wishlist. but picked a lightweight one instead. Do you think I should have gotten this Thule Stroller instead? I’m afraid those big wheels will take much space in our compact car

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