Three must-have games for the holiday season from Wonderforge

This holiday season I have been given the chance to review some really cool toys and games from Wonderforge. I got to do this last year, and their creative games are always a big hit around my house. I received three different games to review- Suspicion, Dr. Seuss Thing Two and One Whirl Fun, and the Marvel I Can Do That Game. We took them all for test drives, and really enjoyed them.

Dr Seuss Thing Two and One Whirly Fun Game is a fun cooperative game for the preschool crowd. It’s based on Seuss’s famous Cat in the Hat book, where the challenge is to make sure the rooms get cleaned up before their mother gets home. It has cute little furniture and household items that you can set up in the box/playing board in each room. And then you use the top to mess things up! Players must cooperate to clean up room by room or by color or shape, teaching and reinforcing basic skills and helping players work together to finish the game instead of competing against each other. We had a lot of fun with this game- setting that top loose and watching it knock over things really was a hoot, and I liked being able to plan with my kids (and they with each other!) over how to get things cleaned up before the jig was up.

The Marvel I Can Do That Game is a really fun ‘Super Hero’ training game that encourages kids to get up and move. I had to use this picture because its my 6 year old telling my 3 year old that this is HIS game because its Marvel and he is obviously the Hulk. You use the cards to identify different tasks- leaping, sneaking, and so on, and if the player thinks they can do the task and manage to complete it, they win the cards which gives them points. I really liked this game for getting the kids moving and doing fun, silly, unpredictable things that got us all laughing.

Suspicion so a board game for ages 10 and up. If you’re a fan of that old stand-by Clue, you’ll love Suspicion. A night filled with jewel thieves, hidden identities, and canny deductive reasoning all combine to make this game one of the most fun and most playable games I’ve come across in a long time. The game is pretty quick, about 30 minutes, and is capable of some pretty complex critical thinking in the most fun ways. And for just $20, I will be shocked if this game isn’t the breakaway hit of the holiday season. It’s a ton of fun and really give you a lot of game for the price, and a lot of fun for the time you’ll be playing it. I HIGHLY suggest grabbing this one before it’s sold out! My teenager really enjoyed this one. I thought it was pretty neat as well.

You should check these games out this holiday season! They would make awesome gifts.

Author: Amy

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  1. (Three must-have games for the holiday season from Wonderforge) They have some really good games for the whole family to play and enjoy together.

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