The Marriage Bargain Book Review & Tour

The Marriage Bargain Book Review & Tour

 The Marriage Bargain

Camille Chandler is a tabloid journalist whose career is right on track–until her boss sees a curious ad in the L.A. Trades.

Wanted: Single actress for an extended gig abroad.

France’s mega-rich playboy Julian de Laurent is up to something and Camille’s boss expects her to find out what. Who knew the eccentric gazillionaire was looking to hire a temporary wife? When Camille refuses to accept Julian’s proposal–and secretly write a juicy tell-all about the de Laurent family–she’s fired and left financially destitute, forcing her to entertain Julian’s proposal for real. But what’ll happen at the end of the contract period, after Camille has spent six months as the wife of a man she learns is capable of stealing her heart?

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I am a secret fan of romance novels.  I actually have boxes full of Harlequin and Silhouette novels.  So I love a good accidental love fiction when I see one.  Like she is telling herself it is just a job, don’t fall in love!  Of course it helps when Julian is described as being super hot and rich! I happily asked for a review so that I could share my love of the Marriage Bargain by Sandra Edwards.

The Marriage Bargain is an entertaining, quick read. Camille refuses to do a tell all book about Julian’s very rich, very influential family and she is fired. She decides to take Julian’s offer of a 6 month marriage so that she could afford a better life when she was done.  Her boss threatened to blacklist her so she knew she couldn’t get another writing job. She tells herself that it is just a job no matter how hot Julian is.  They travel to his family’s estate and she finds out that just resisting Julian is the least of her worries. The de Laurent family seems to be out to get her and expose their fake marriage.  They invite Julian’s ex to stay with them to try to break them up.  I literally couldn’t put the book down.  I had to make sure that the ex got what was coming to her. I had to make sure they stayed together and then the book threw me for a twist I wasn’t expecting! I love twists and characters who have to go through emotional rollercoasters.  I am an angst kind of girl.  I think my favorite character is definitely Camille’s best friend.  She is just such a fresh face.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes engaging quick reads and especially to people who like fun romances!

Author: Kat

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