The Future with Disney Dreamers

One of the coolest parts of our #Tomorrowland visit was meeting Disney Dreamers like Charita Carter and Mike Goslin. They are part of the many reasons that Walt Disney’s dream will forever live on. There is nothing cooler than Disney and the amazing minds behind it.

Charita Carter is senior creative producer and development manager of the Walt Disney Imagineering Scenic Illusion Team. She told us she got her start because of her hands. True story. She was riding the tram and someone told her she had model hands and did she want to be a hand model. She was an accountant I believe at the time so she kept that card in her dresser for a year and randomly found it and called her. She said there is a lot of downtime being in those types of commercials so she got to know the people behind the scenes like directors and producers. She brought that into her roles at Disney. She is like Young Frank in Tomorrowlandbecause she kept going in her roles and kept innovating! She says having balance in her life is overrated. She likes the chaos of not knowing what she is going to do next.

Mike Goslin is VP of Production & Content at Disney Consumer Products. And the thing we talked about most with Mike is the fact that he is currently working on Playmation. If you haven’t heard of Playmation you need to check it out right now! They want kids to have play experiences in the real world. They are taking old school play and bringing it backĀ using 21st century technology. And they are telling Disney stories with it at the same time. Kids can see and feel what it would be like to be a superhero. This year Avengers Playmation was released and next year they are working on Star Wars being released. Frozen will be out 2017. They want kids to play like they used to but still be able to have amazing technology to go with it.

We asked him what kind of advice he would give kids who want to invent games. He said that he has had to use everything he has learned. He has a psychology degree from college and he says he did art growing up. He was also an inventor growing up. He used history, art, and English Lit with technology all together to be creative. He says it all comes from a foundation of learning so take classes, read a lot, and play a lot of games!


They both took group shots with us before they left! You can check out Tomorrowland on Blu-ray October 13th!



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