Ten of the Best Foods for Healthy Hair


10 of the best foods for healthy hair


 Every woman out there wants glossy, healthy hair. Having dry, frizzy or oily hair can make you feel very self-conscious, but what if you could change your hair for the better just by adding a few new foods into your diet?

Getting healthy hair is easy – just try eating some of these super foods for a couple of weeks and you should start to see some amazing results:


1)      Greek Yoghurt

One of the best ingredients for healthy hair is vitamin B5, which Greek yoghurt is incredibly high in. Not only that, but Greek yoghurt tastes great too! Try adding it to your morning cereal instead of milk, and opt for low fat versions if you’d like a healthier version.

2)      Eggs

Eggs are incredibly high in protein and are one of the best sources of it. They’re also high in zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron, all of which can help to keep your hair in good condition. Having too little iron in your diet can actually lead to hair loss or hair thinning, along with a particularly nasty condition called anaemia. 

3)      Lentils

Lentils and other legumes are a real wonder drug if you’re trying to improve your hair. They’ve got protein, iron, zinc and vitamin H in them, and they’re incredibly versatile. You can add them to all kinds of recipes – try throwing some into a stew or homemade soup.

4)      Salmon

In order to grow hair, your body has to have a supply of omega-3 fatty acids. The human body can’t produce these acids on their own though, so it takes them from the food you eat. Salmon has a very high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to improve the glossiness of your hair and can even make your skin and scalp healthier. There’s also protein and vitamin D in salmon.

5)      Walnuts

Another food high in omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts can be the ideal alternative if you don’t like the idea of salmon. You should add these to your diet even if you do eat fish though, as they also have vitamin H and Vitamin E in. Vitamin H is essential for healthy hair, as a lack of it can cause hair loss.

6)      Sweet Potatoes

Not only are sweet potatoes a great alternative to ‘normal’ potatoes, they’re also high in beta carotene. Once in your body, beta carotene is converted into vitamin A, which can help to keep your skin supple and your scalp healthy.

7)      Spinach

Popeye might not have been crazy after-all – spinach really can make you strong! It contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy living, and the iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C in it are especially important for hair and the scalp.

8)      Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the world-renowned ‘superfoods’ that contains an unrivalled amount of antioxidants and other essentials for the body. Vitamin C in particular is required to keep blood circulation going, which can help to make your scalp healthier and can keep hair strong.

9)      Poultry

Chicken, turkey, duck and other types of poultry are excellent sources of protein and also have zinc, iron, and a whole host of B vitamins in them, all of which can make sure your hair stays silky and strong.

10)  Oysters

They’re not just an aphrodisiac; they’re also a fantastic source of zinc. Just a 100g serving of oysters contains around 110% of the recommended daily intake of zinc, and they’ve also got lots of valuable protein in them.

Eating the right kind of foods can help you to keep your hair in great condition, so you can style your hair any way you please without having to worry about hair breakage, split ends, or any other pesky hair issues.

This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Hershesons, a specialist hairstylist in London. You can also purchase hair accessories and hair styling tools at www.hershesons.com.

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4 thoughts on “Ten of the Best Foods for Healthy Hair”

  1. Excellent article. It looks like you've listed all the best foods for healthy hair! Our personal favorite is salmon– it's very hard to find a better source of protein and all-natural omega fatty acids. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Every individual wants healthy hair and we use lot of hair care products for it. But diet has great effect on the health of hair that many of us are unaware of. Protein is very much needed for hair and eating food rich with protein can help a lot. Yogurt and eggs are good source of protein and beneficial for growth of hair. There are also other foods that are mentioned here which will help in the growth of healthy hair.

  3. There are many things that can aid in hair growth. Many vitamins can help restore hair health back to normal. I recommend products like Nioxin and Reloxe for healthy hair growth.

  4. This is good to know because I love all of these except oysters. I don’t know if I like oysters as I can bring myself to try them. So far my hair is OK!

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