Taming the Wolf Book Review

Taming the Wolf

This book is not intended for readers under 18.
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There is nothing better in my opinion than a good werewolf book. I could practically live on supernatural book especially those in a series. I saw the excerpt from this book at the end of another Stephanie Nelson book, probably at the end of Deceived but I love everything she does so who knows? I knew right then I wanted it right then but sadly I had to wait for it to come out first. I hate waiting on books especially ones from a great author.

Taming the Wolf begins on the night Anna Avery is bitten and turned into a werewolf. She is found by the local pack and taken in. Since she is the newest pack member, she is at the very bottom. She has to do the menial tasks and serve everyone. She also has a streak of independence that they hadn’t beaten out of her and has risked the wrath of the gorgeous pack leader, Adam, more than once. He tells her she needs to find a mate with the eligible males of the group but he really wants her for himself.  She doesn’t just want to be another female good for nothing but being beneath him especially since his mate, Eve, will probably hurt her very badly. How long can she keeping resisting the pull of her attraction to Adam though? He is her alpha.

I do have to say that I wish it didn’t jump from being bitten to three months later. Anna seems so subservient and I think I would have liked to see her become that way. I think it would help me see how she just takes it. Of course then the book would be longer and I don’t like to see people be embarrassed too unduly so I think I may just be crazy.  Wow, what an ending. That was a twist of all twists and I did slightly see it coming from hints in the book but I wasn’t sure and then wham! I was so happy when things came full circle because I honestly thought that what they were saying was true. I don’t like to give spoilers in my reviews so I will just say that I was pleased with the outcome.  Why do werewolves have to be so sexy? Especially ones in charge. I hope the next book has more scenes with Anna’s friends and more scenes with certain sexy, gruff council members.  If you want anymore than that, you have to read it yourself!

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