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Young athletes need the adults in their lives to help support them- to help them achieve their highest potential. It means coming to practice, making sure they have their uniforms and gear, making sure they have the time and space to practice, and making sure their growing bodies have the nutritional support they need both to grow and to recover from their training.


I’ve been supporting my athlete in his athletic pursuits for many years now, as he has moved from basketball to football and then really concentrated on becoming the best young football athlete he can become. I couldn’t be prouder of how hard he works, and how much he has improved as an athlete and grown as a person. He changed to football because he thought it would help people not bully him for his sexuality and he stayed with it because its a team sport and he loves his team. I will stand by whatever decision he makes because I know the value of sports for athletes. My father was a coach for my sisters all my life. It’s been a real joy to watch him strive for success, and I can see it in every pair of cleats I buy, every set of shoulder pads we have to have fitted, and every practice I cheer him on. I support him by being there- physically, emotionally, and as an active team mother. He knows I’m there to cheer for him, to help him find clean socks, to make sure he has a nutritious snack and drink after every game and practice. Especially those socks because let me tell you, those things are stinky. And expensive.


Powerade knows the kind of support young athletes need- they studied the needs of growing, active bodies and have formulated their energy drinks to help provide hydration and nutrition perfect to help recover from sustained activity.


Right now Powerade is offering their customizable “Just a Kid” apparel that features where you’re from here. All net proceeds from the sale of “Just a Kid” apparel goes to the Boys & Girls Club of America. After all we are all “just a kid” from somewhere right?


And they have an amazing offer right now at WalMart- just purchase any two 8-packs of 20 oz POWERADE sports drinks at WalMart, and you can go online to get a FREE custom “Just a Kid” reusable sports bottle! You just submit your receipt and its easy! The offer is good until April 4, 2016 or while supplies last.

How do you support the young athlete(s) in your life? Have any hints and tips? Share below!

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