Summer Time and the NewAir AF-1000R Evaporative Cooler

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It’s summer and it is hot.  I live in Alabama where the temperature is like a running joke.  You just assume its comically high and go on with your day. I have been complaining for most of the summer and will keep complaining until this winter when I will complain about it being cold.  I am just like that.  I actually love the summer, I just don’t like the sticky hot feeling.  My house is pretty big  so the upstairs is almost 10 degrees hotter than downstairs and the basement is like a morgue.  It is like levels in a video game.  Lava, balmy, and tundra.  I have been telling my husband for years that we need to get something to help cool the upstairs because the humidity is horrible and it’s so very hot.  Something like the NewAir AF-1000R Portable Evaporative Cooler which is a cool red color which will brighten up our drab house. The best part? It is portable with wheels so I can put it anywhere I want.  I am thinking the upstairs foyer.


The AF-1000R Evaporative Cooler is earth friendly because is uses less electricity than air conditioners.  It is also super inexpensive compared to an AC unit.  You can get this one  for less than $200 and unlike a standard AC you can easily move it to any room in your house.  The NewAir AF-1000R will freshen and clean the air in any small to medium size room of up to 300 square feet. It can also help decrease the temperature by up to 30 degrees.  If that is not awesome enough, it will do more than cool the air in your home; it will also purify the air as it cools because it has a Ti02 air filter and ionizer.   The filter and ionizer remove harmful allergens, dust, debris, and smells from the air without using any chemicals or refrigerants.  My cousin cleans my house for me once a week and watches the kids so I can get some work done.  She also sprays tons of cleaners and lights 20 candles when she here so I need something that will remove all that from the air.  It is also really easy to use without having a crazy amount of buttons and knobs. You know what I mean. Some new products are just too much for technologically challenged people but not this one.  Easy to use, inexpensive, friendly to the environment, and super powerful? Sounds like a winner to me!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Evaporative Coolers work best in areas with temperatures above 90 degree with 30% humidity or below. Other than that, it will only act as a fan.

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