Sugar Cookie Sweetness with Pillsbury Premium Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

I posted recently about how easy and convenient Pillsbury Gluten-Free Baking Mixes were for me and my family. We love to bake as a family, and my kids certainly love to eat cookies, cake, and brownies! With two working parents and teen-aged kids, we stay busy, and Pillsbury Gluten-Free Baking mixes are a terrific shortcut to mix up a moment with my kids without having to wreck my kitchen or find all the ingredients to a recipe. And there is a great way to save on Pillsbury right now so you may as well stock up!

I recently made Pillsbury Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies to share with my family at this weekend’s cookout. My son and my husband both LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar cookies, so choosing this mix was a snap! I paired it with a purple vanilla Pillsbury Gluten-Free Frosting with sprinkles- very convenient, since the mixes and the frosting so are right next to each other in the baking aisle at WalMart. My son may be 15 but I don’t think he will ever outgrow his love of sprinkles! I read the ingredients on the sugar cookie mix pretty closely and didn’t see any milk or egg products, which is fantastic, since my husband is vegan. So I decided to make these cookies vegan by simply substituting a non-dairy margarine and 3T flax meal mixed with 1T water to substitute the egg. It was a very simple alteration that made this mix perfect for both my son and my husband!

My son of course had to jump in to taste the batter as I was making it- of course, if you’re using an egg in your recipe, don’t try this! But since we were using all plant-based ingredients it was no problem. It was a cinch to mix them up- I didn’t even have to see my mixer. Just put everything in the bowl and stir! And they were easy to cook as well- in 20 minutes I had fresh bakes cookies all ready to share! And once they cooled, they frosted up so beautifully!

For your next cookout, why not grab a package (or three or four) of Pillsbury Gluten-Free Premium mixes to share with your family! On your next WalMart run, just head over to the baking mix aisle and grab a little something to help you and your family mix up a memory!

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Author: Amy

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