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Like most parents I live in a whirlwind of activities. I never manage to get anything done on time because every single time I schedule myself some time to work it is also time for a doctors appointment or a visit to the orthodontist (who steals all my money) or even an impromptu visit to Mawmaw because she wants to see us and I am entirely too dependent on my parents at the ripe old age of 29.  Second sentence in and I am already rambling.  Must be that time of day.  My point is that my van gets  a lot of miles and so do my kids.  I pretty much have to be ready at any time of the day to run out the door because so many people depend on me and my kids are only a small fraction of those people.  It also doesn’t help that we live an hour from our closest relatives and/or best friends.  That is why I am glad things are different than they were when my oldest was a baby.  There weren’t many convenient drinks or snacks to take on trips back then with easy open/easy close lids. And the sippy cups were not SPILL PROOF despite their many claims.  Today I can throw some sippy cups (actually spill proof) in a small cooler bag with a couple of Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches for each of the kids and I can be on my way! I love having something that I know is organic and delicious for my kids.


Stonyfield has been a staple of our house for a long time.  My middle child has an immune problem and it was recommended that we try giving him yogurt everyday by a nurse I know through Facebook.  So we tried Stonyfield YoBaby. He LOVED them.  We haven’t changed since.  I was so happy when they started making extra flavors and varieties.  We used to buy the 6 pack yogurt cups back then and then they made the squeezers and the smoothies so we were super happy.  But of course a great brand like Stonyfield had to come out with the individual pouches so that all my kids can enjoy!  Just come take all my money.  Kudos to an awesome brand.


YoBaby, YoToddler, and YoKid yogurt pouches are the first refrigerated organic yogurt pouches available.  No matter the age of your child, they have a pouch for you! And I really mean you. I love them.  I ate one of the Strawberry Banana YoKids pouches for breakfast this morning because we were running late.  Shh, don’t tell my almost preteen that though. All of the Stonyfield organic yogurt pouches contain pure organic ingredients and never any high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. So now I have a perfect snack for my lot since I have a kid, toddler, and baby.  I am sure Stonyfield did it just for me.   Elijah was too busy eating his to look at the camera in the top pic and then when I asked him to look at me he kept insisting that I try some of his YoToddler Strawberry Beet Raspberry.


The YoBaby pouches are my favorite because they have some wonderful flavors.  They come in Blueberry, Sweet Potato, Vanilla, and Mango.  Sadly my store was sold out of everything but Mango and Vanilla this last trip.  Moriah didn’t care though.  The pouches are perfect size for her little hands and they are easily closed so that you can store them for later in the day.  They fit perfectly in her cooler bag with her bottles so I send one or two to Mother’s Day Out for her snack each week.


My oldest son is always happy to eat something that does not cause his stomach problems and thankfully this yogurt doesn’t. He is lactose intolerant but eating one pouch here or there has not affected him (everyone is different, please do not take this to mean that I am saying that EVERYONE who is lactose intolerant can have these and if you try them, please moderate).  He is going to hate that I put this picture of him online though.  He told me I wasn’t allowed to post anymore pictures unless he approved how his hair looked.  The website says that the YoKids pouches come in Blueberry, Strawberry, and Strawberry Banana but I couldnt find the Blueberry at my store.  I am going to call them and ask them to stock it because we love the other two flavors.

If you arent already a fan of the YoBaby, YoToddler, or YoKids pouches, go get some today and try them! You will not regret it.  You can use this store locator to find Stonyfield Yogurt pouches in a store near you!

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