Staying Smooth with Gillette this Summer #SmoothSummer

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My husband has always had a bit of a scruff problem.  When we met he was young and had that patchy facial hair look.  Then we got older and he started trying for a full beard.  I am ok with a full beard and clean shaven but nothing in between.  I hate the scruff.  My husband is probably the most awesome person I know.  He works two jobs from 7ish in the morning until 10ish at night.  He comes home and watches whatever kid is awake for me to take a bath and then he goes to bed.  Rinse, repeat all week long. He rarely gets an off day and when he does he works around the house.  I am so proud of him.  He recently was laid off from his main job at the bank and that devastated him.  His whole department was shut down.  I told him that he needs to start brushing up his resume and attending interviews again.  And awesomely, it is time for him to shave! We decided to check out the personal care department at Walmart for some new razors. He has a set brand that he likes and it has pretty much always been Gillette.

gillette #smoothsummer #shop

There was a cool display at Walmart for their new  Gillete Fusion Proglide razors with the Flexball technology.  That sounded pretty cool to him so we got one of the manual ones.  They also have power ones but my husband has never used a power razor before to shave (he has a power trimmer) so he was afraid he would nick himself before his interview.

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The department that was closed down had over 600 people in it so our area is swamped with people looking for jobs.  That really sucks because it was already hard to find one before that happened.  Some people are choosing to move to other states with the bank so that is good, but that is not an option for us.  I told my husband that his resume is awesome, he just needs to look the part.

gillette #smoothsummer #shop

I love it when he shaves. I love the baby smooth feel of his face.  He looks really young when he shaves so I always make fun of him but I think he is sexy as all get out.  I love him in a suit as well.  He is just too cute for words to me and I know he is going to do awesome.  He always does.  He is the rock to our family and I wouldn’t know what to do without him.  He is going to get an awesome job that he loves.  I believe in him.  And Gillette is helping him get there by keeping his face smooth and professional.

gillette #smoothsummer #shop

He is going to do well. Send good vibes our way and tell me how you keep your summer smooth in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Staying Smooth with Gillette this Summer #SmoothSummer”

  1. I like my guy to have the 5 o’clock shadow. He has had facial hair since I met him 20 years ago, and when he shaves it all.. I am not sure what to think 🙂 LOL

  2. I prefer a little facial hair, but even that needs to be maintained. This looks like a great razor. I’ll have to pick one up for my husband.

    1. My husband doesn’t maintain his at all until it gets to a certain point and it just looks so scruffy to me. I like all or nothing lol

  3. I love a smooth face, too. Recently, my husband started growing a beard! I’m going to buy him one of these razors and encourage him to use it! #client

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