Stay-Dry Bath Apron & Towel Review

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I think the hardest thing I had to learn how to do when I had my first child was give him a bath.  Not that first bath where you use a bowl of water and quickly flap a towel open and closed on your baby while you wipe them down but a real, after the umbilical cord is gone, bath.  I was so worried about him getting too wet or too much baby shampoo or mad at me.  I actually used to just hold him after his baths wrapped up in a towel and breastfeed him because I had gotten him so upset during the bath that he was blood red screaming.  I regret to say that I havent gotten any better.  Or rather, none of my children have.  They all hate baths.  I dont really think its me anymore, I am pretty sure its them.  However, I do have to say that a great product I received to review has made the after bathtime easier.


The Stay Dry Bath Towel has really changed bath time for me and both my little ones.  I wish I had something like it when Matthew was a baby. It is so cool.  I like how it ties in the back so that you dont have to worry about it flapping around but it is long enough you can still lift it and hold your baby.  Even Elijah who is 2 loves it when I cuddle him after the bath so its great for me. It also comes in different colors so you can get it in pink, blue, or green.


It also comes with a cute little mitten to wash them with.  I managed to take a picture with it before Elijah took it from me.  Goofiest picture ever but in my defense I was 9 months pregnant and a little delirious.  It even has a little pocket on the front.  At $19.99, its a steal for a baby shower or a gift for a new mom.


Another thing I really like about the makers of the Stay-Dry Bath Apron is that they also make Just in case Emergency ID’s.  The cards have a place for emergency contact information, list of any allergies and/or medical conditions, and consent form to authorize emergency medical treatment in the parent’s absence.  Its great for when your child is with a sitter or at a relative’s house.




 photo freeproductreview.png

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16 thoughts on “Stay-Dry Bath Apron & Towel Review”

  1. What an awesome idea! I need that with my twins. They splash so much water all over the place, I often just wonder if I should bathe with them. LOL And, using it as a towel would make it so much easier for me to bathe both of my boys at the same time when I'm alone.
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  2. Oh I love this! My babies are done with towels like this, but it would make a great baby shower gift! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How adorable. And useful! Sometimes the things they come out with now-a-days seem silly. But this definitely makes sense. Its hard to get a towel ready when its time to get the little ones out of the tub. I cant tell you how many times I soaked up more of the water with my shirt than the towel, lol.

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