Starting the Day with Community Coffee #CommCoffeeAtSams

Community Coffee Breakfast Blend

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Community Coffee Breakfast Blend

When I was growing up coffee was a thing that I ordered to add tons of sugar to at Waffle House. I never made it at home and neither did my parents. When I worked in the software world, we had coffee machines everywhere. We had weekly deliveries of coffee supplies and everyone acted like coffee was their supreme ruler. I personally preferred to drink the milky way swirl hot chocolate. Then I had more kids and discovered the joys of iced coffee. Now its like all coffee makes sense. Now I get to discover great brands like Community Coffee.

Community Coffee Breakfast Blend

I love my coffee in all types of ways. I like iced the best but the only requirement is that there has to be a lot and I need a straw. Yes even for hot coffee. I don’t like sipping things from the side of a cup. It makes my teeth feel weird unless the drink is room temp. My favorite flavor is the breakfast blend. I just like the smoothness of it. Community Coffee is available at Sam’s Club stores and at I like it because you can get the bigger 40 oz bag which lasts a while at my house. It is a pretty flavorful coffee so I really like to fill up my cup at home and bring some to work with me in the morning to get my day started right.

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  1. I love community coffee! I drink my coffee with cinnamon, milk, and a little sugar! Sometimes I put pumpkin pie spice in it as well.

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