Spoil your #FurryFoodie with IAMS and thrifty ways to spoil your dog!

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Dogs are such amazing animals- all they truly want is some love, good grub, and your company. Since they’re so easy to please, it’s simple to spoil them in all kinds of way! I have three dogs, all of them rescues from difficult backgrounds. I love providing them with everything they’ve missed out on. And that doesn’t mean breaking the bank! There are so many ways to treat your dog without pulling out your wallet. These are my tried-and-true thrifty favorites:



-A soft place to sleep
Providing your dog a soft bed doesn’t have to mean spending lots of $$$ on an expensive dog bed. I use a large square pillow I got on clearance and a couple of fleece blankets I got from the thrift store. This arrangement is easy to clean since all of it can be thrown in the wash easily.


-Toys and safe goodies to chew on
I can often find stuffed animals at second-hand shops to let me dogs play tug-of-war and fetch with. I have to be careful that there aren’t hard plastic eyes or the like that might get swallowed, but it’s a budget-friendly way to give my dogs something to roughhouse with. I don’t skimp on quality chewing toys, however- dogs that don’t have something to chew on will often find something I value to chew on, so I make sure I have special hard rubber toys I can fill with treats, or an antler, or something similar they can stay busy with. It’s worth spending a little money on to know that my shoes will be undisturbed, or that my charging cords won’t go missing.

-Walks and regular exercise
All dogs love walks and playing with their humans. It’s so important that dogs get the mental and physical stimulation they need every day. A quick lap around the block will make you *and* your dog just a little healthier and happier.


-Delicious, nutritious food
This is where IAMS® comes in. I always look for healthy ways to give my dogs that extra little something. IAMS has the perfect solution in their “IAMS Visible Difference Products.” Their 100% proactive nutrition, 0% fillers dog food products are formulated so that you will see a visible difference in the health and vitality of your pet. There will be noticeable improvements in energy, skin, coat and digestion. And all IAMS products come with a guarantee: satisfaction, or your money back. My dogs love the taste, and I love knowing they’re getting what they need. It’s the perfect way to keep my #FurryFoodie dogs healthy and happy!


IAMS® is running a special promotional giveaway right now for a collapsible dog bowl, just for doing what you need to do anyway- feeding your dog! Head over to Walmart to find a wide selection IAMS Visible Difference dog foods and find the perfect dog food for the furry family member in your life!

When you buy one of the participating IAMS® Proactive Health, Healthy Naturals, Grain Free or Premium Protection eligible products at Walmart, just text “DOGBOWL” with a photo of your receipt to 811811 to get a free collapsible dog bowl. This offer is valid on purchases made from 9/15/15 – 11/30/15.


Check out the full list of participating products here

Author: Amy

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