Snuzzle Me by Splendipity Review

A multi-function product that does almost everything I would need and is super soft and cute? Sign me up! A few months ago I got to review the Snuzzle Me by Splendipity and I have to say its super amazing. Have you ever had a product that you liked so much you couldnt think of anything to say about it? When I tried to explain the Snuzzle Me to my mom after I received it, I was like, you know those things that you put on the shopping cart, it does that. And those things you put on the highchair, it does that. And it does tons of other stuff. She didnt seem very impressed with my description but once she saw it, she liked it. It is a 7-n-1 +1 product which does all kinds of amazing things such as an infant car seat cover, stroller, high chair, shopping cart, and swing cover, regular car seat cover, and nursing shawl.
I love the fact that Snuzzle Me grew with Baby E. At first, we only used it for the infant car seat cover and a nursing shawl. It was great to just cover Baby E up and know that he was warm and toasty in his car seat. With the type of weather we just randomly have in Alabama, its nice to be able to just grab it out of the trunk and be able to cover up the car seat against running in out of the rain and cold. I only used it as a nursing shawl a couple of times. The first time, I was at a friends house and didnt have a blanket so I grabbed it off the car seat and used it so that my friend’s husband wouldnt get the shock of his life if he walked in on me nursing. He is so shy I probably wouldn’t ever be able to look at him again without him leaving the room.
Now we use it for its other amazing uses like a stroller, shopping cart, and high chair cover. You can even use it as a swing cover which comes in handy at the park. We use it at O’Charley’s for a high chair cover every time I get enough points on my survey websites to cash out for a giftcard. Here is Baby E in it one night. He likes it and it keeps him busy lifting it up and playing with it while we wait on our food. It’s great to know that he is not sitting in other people’s germs especially as sick as he has been lately. You can also use it as a regular car seat cover. It is supposed to keep the car seat at a normal temp in the hot car but I always forget to do it. I need to make myself a note or something. Also, amazingly, the the Snuzzle Me is made from material that is OekoTex certified to be free of any chemicals, metal or phthalates so I know my son isnt being touched by something full of toxic materials. 
So my conclusion is, why pay for seven or eight different products when you can buy just one? The Snuzzle Me is a great addition to any mom’s arsenal of baby paraphernalia. It would also make for a great baby shower gift. I know I would want one if I didnt have one. I am going to pass mine on to my little cousin though since she is about to have a baby. So *hint hint* to my friends when we have baby number 3, I want one of these.
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I received a Snuzzle Me from Splendipity in order to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Author: Kat

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