Shushybye Baby DVD Review


Do your children love to sing and dance? My boys do and they love to take their show all over the house. They especially love movies and TV shows that have great theme songs they can act crazy to. They take turns being loud and crazy so I never know who to shhh! if its too early and Daddy is still sleeping. So when I heard about Shushybye I knew they would get a kick out of it and it would be great for those late nights or early morning because the songs are about sleeping mixed in with life lessons.


Every episode is filled with great songs to sing along to as well as a wonderful message to kids. They just came out with a new 3 DVD set and my boys were so excited to get started watching it. The 3 DVD set that we reviewed has 26 Shushybye episodes, 56 Shushybye music videos and 60 original Shushybye songs. You also get over 40 fun-filled story-vignettes starring the Shushies!  Retailing for $29.98 so you certainly get a lot for the money!

You can see even my two year old nephew (pictured above) loves the DVD. He came over and I let him pick one movie off the shelf to watch and Shushybye was the one he picked. He played with the box for awhile as well because he loved how colorful it was.

Connect with Shushybye on Facebook and you can also visit  BabyFirst TV. BabyFirst is available on DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast so lucky for us that we now have the DVDs since we have Charter.

Shushybye/BabyFirst TV was kind enough to be one of our great sponsors for the Greet the Spring Giveaway Hop.  They are giving away the 3 set DVD Shushybye collection to one US winner!  Check it out and enter to win that and other great prizes!!!


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