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#shop #shareitforward

I got to go to an awesome Coke event at my local Walmart this past weekend.  I grabbed the kids and we all went because if there is anything my kids love, it is adventures for my blog.  We got to Walmart and they had a huge display right in the middle of the food area.

#shop #shareitforward

They had ladies handing out Cokes to people as they walked by.  It was lovely because it took the people a second to realize that their Coke can said something on it.  All of the bottles and cans now have personalized messages on them.  My son immediately started looking through the bottles for one with his name on it.

#shop #shareitforward

Coke wants you to #ShareaCoke this summer with your friends, your family, or just whoever you think deserves one.  I started thinking about who I could share a Coke with.  My husband came to mind but then I found this can.

#shop #shareitforward

I knew exactly who I was going to share a Coke with.  I Instagramed it at the event but I wanted to share with you all as well.

The term, ‘Be a friend to have a friend’, is one that I follow closely. I think you should be the best friend you could possibly be. I have a friend that is awesome. I know everyone thinks their friend is the most awesome but I am telling you that mine is pretty far up there on the list. On several occasions that my son was sick, she has worked until after midnight, drove to her house 40 minutes away, got her son, then drove to my house another 40 minutes away just to wake up at 6 am with her kids and mine for me to go to work.  She is the type of friend that would drop anything and everything to help you.  She recently had her baby a month early by emergency c-section and I raced to the hospital to be with her till she made me go home. Her baby had to stay in the ICU for a couple weeks. She is now 8 weeks old and my friend is finally starting to be able to leave her house.  So to show her how much I love her I wanted to surprise her with the #ShareaCoke event I went to and #ShareitForward.

#shop #shareitforward

I met her for a great day shopping at the local mall. We had fun. I am sure she was glad to be out of the house and the baby was just adorable. I think it was a pretty great day to show her how much I love her and appreciate her.  She is the best thing in my life and I think she deserves all the things.  But since I cant afford all the things, I shared this awesome Coke with her name on it.

#shop #shareitforward

You can go to the Share a Coke website and see if they have your name or you could surprise the person you want to #ShareitForward with with a Coke with their name on it. I was really upset they didn’t have Lydia or Dean so I could give my BFF bottles with her kid’s names on them but I am glad I found one for her.  She was pretty happy with it.  Simple gestures mean a lot and being able to sit down and share a Coke with my friend while she relaxes is the most amazing time I could ask for.

Who will you share a Coke with this Summer?

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10 thoughts on “Share a Coke with a Best Friend #ShareitForward”

  1. What a fun program. I would love to receive my name on a Coke bottle or can. I need to do this for my son and my daughter. They would think it is a blast.

  2. Whoever came up with the advertising campaign in a genius. I’ve seen more Coke bottles on social media than I can count. Kudos!

  3. I was wondering why my diet coke bottles had random words on them suddenly. What a clever marketing idea. Thanks for sharing!

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